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New building for research and laboratories, Teltow

The Center for Biomaterial Development forms the hub of the Teltow-Seehof science campus in Berlin.
The building is divided in two by its functional concept. The basic idea behind the design is to bring out the various functional areas; one side accommodates the biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, the places for practical implementation of what is conceived on the other side – in the offices and seminar rooms. This interplay between theory and practice is maintained via a connecting link, which formally combines with the central entrance area to constitute the element that characterizes the facade. The clear separation of the laboratory area from the offices and seminar rooms is a highly economical and sustainable solution.

- Laboratories for research and development of polymer-based biomedical products
- Provision of measurement laboratories with vibration-isolated foundations for XPS and TEM
- Combination of chemistry, physical chemistry and biology laboratories
- Research of biomaterials in BSL-1 laboratory areas and GMP clean room
- Combination with training and conference rooms
- 1170 m² total laboratory space
- 112 m² of this as GMP-compliant clean-room area

Energy efficiency and sustainability
In order to minimize investment costs and operating costs, the functional areas for laboratories and work rooms were kept separate from the administration areas during structuring of the building, so as to create a compact building envelope and to enable the systems engineering to be combined centrally. This makes it possible to achieve a high heat recovery rate of 70 %. The building envelope is characterized by triple glazing with exterior sun screening. The green roof serves as a climate buffer and, via rain retention with steady release of rainwater, it enables infiltration in ditches. Thus, with its environmentally friendly design, the building blends into the "forest campus" at this research hub in Teltow.

GKSS Research Center Geesthacht

Period of time
Completion: 2011

9.16 Mio. EUR