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New institutional building Reutlingen University

This institutional building for the Project Management department at Reutlingen University is at a central location on the university's campus, in the immediate vicinity of the canteen and two buildings from the 1970s and 1990s, which have metal facades, in keeping with the spirit of the eras in which they were built. It is divided into offices, seminar rooms, lecture theatres and special PC laboratories with separate server rooms for the Project Management department.

By means of simple zoning, the seminar area and the lounge and office area are clearly distinguished from each other and arranged identically on the various levels for ease of orientation. The clear division between the two different types of use (individual work area and study area) is also clearly evident on the facade: in front of the seminar areas, the facade's appearance is peaceful, whereas it is lively and playful by the work rooms. In turn, the material steel, in a grid-like structure on all facades, provides for a homogenous overall look.

Vermögen und Bau,
Amt Tübingen

Period of time
2012 – 2013

6.6 Mio. EUR