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Burckhardt+Partner is an internationally distinguished and technologically prominent architectural company for excellent solutions. This company was founded in 1951 in Basel and has continually developed ever since. Over the past 65 years, we have not only had a major influence on architecture in Switzerland, but have also been able to compete on the international stage. We currently run five offices in Switzerland and three in Germany.  


Burckhardt+Partner stands for:

Excellence in architecture
This is why only the best in their field get to work at any of our offices. This excellence and, above all, internationality are reflected in the make-up of our staff: we have around 360 staff members from 20 different nations, who speak more than 15 languages, and are between 17 and 70 years of age.


Comprehensive digitization expertise
The digitization of the construction industry is in full swing – and architecture is changing along with it. Completely new possibilities are opening up, which we utilize for the future. However, Burckhardt+Partner is not just a leader in terms of technical aspects, but also with regard to recruitment of qualified professionals.


Competence in property and site development
Burckhardt+Partner is a leading competence center in the domain of property and site development. We monitor and analyze market processes and detect trends. This enables us to identify opportunities early, from which we develop tailored and sustainable projects.


Planning and management from A to Z
As general planners, we take on overall responsibility for the planning and realization of our projects. We provide a contact person to answer all questions and we put together the perfect team of specialists and generalists for each task. Thus, Burckhardt+Partner stands for quality and individuality.

Organigram and figures

Here you can find  the organisational structure as well as the current sales figures.

Company management

Samuel Schultze
Grad. Architect ETH/SIA

Burckhardt+Partner AG, Basel

Oliver Schmid
Grad. Architect ETH/SIA, MBA HSG

Deputy CEO
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Berne

Andreas Grossen
Grad. Technician TS, EMBA PGD FH

Member Company Management
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Basel

Wolfgang Hardt 
Grad. Eng. Architect FH/SIA
Master of Arts

Member Company Management
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Basel

Oliver Henninger
Grad. Architect FH

Member of the Company Management
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Lausanne/Geneva

Daniel Keller
Grad. Architect HTL/SIA

Member Company Management
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Basel

Andreas Mast
Grad. Architect/EUR ING/SIA,
Grad. Economics Engineer

Member Company Management
Burckhardt+Partner AG, Zurich

Reiner Becker
Grad. Eng. Architect FH BDA

Company Manager
B+P Reiner Becker GmbH, Berlin/Stuttgart

Rolf Rode
Grad. Eng. Architect FH

Company Manager
Burckhardt+Partner GmbH, Grenzach

Partner model

The company was founded in 1951 in Basel. In 1981, it was converted into a stock corporation. 62 members of the management staff hold responsibility as partners, associate partners and associates, and also share in the commercial success as shareholders:

Gaby Arber, Alexander Beck, Verena Bohrer, Pierre-Alain Boisot, Tamara Brügger, Philipp Brühlmeier, Marc Burtschy, Konrad Egli, Laurent Eller, Jean-Marc Estoppey, Thomas Floris, Patrick Flückiger, Christoph Frey, Raoul Fust, Christiane Gabler, Oliver Gilbert, Alexandre Gilberto, Christof Goldschmid, Conrado Granado, Andreas Grossen, Daniel Gschwind, Patrick Hägi, Wolfgang Hardt, Hans Haueter, Thomas Hauser, Andreas Hell, Oliver Henninger, Martin Henssler, Felix Herzog, Christian Hirt, Alexander Huppmann, Marco Husmann, Claudio Iannettone, Karin Isler-Sautter, Andreas Kaufmann, Daniel Keller, Thomas Klein, Lilo Köhlmoos, Stephan Krestan, Brendan Mac Reevy, Sacha Marchal, Andreas Mast, Markus Mathys, Daniel Merz, Martin Michel, Christina Muchsel, Sylvie Munck, Julio Muñoz Gutiérrez, Michael Nährlich, Daniel Pantillon, Martin Pfeuti, Andreas Ramsteiner, Hanspeter Schenk, Oliver Schmid, Andreas Schröder, Samuel Schultze, Karin Thalmann, Heinz Werner Trefzger, Nicolas Vaucher, Luigi Vivolo, Stephan Wedrich, Donald Wunderlin


Working for us

In order to also cope with the challenges and social developments of the future, we make use of the opportunities offered by a modern staff policy.

For our staff, we set up framework conditions that are in keeping with the times, so that going the extra mile becomes daily routine, and excellent solutions are developed and realized. Other strengths, such as our corporate culture, project diversity and company size, bring opportunities for helping each other to develop further. Motivated, highly productive colleagues are among the factors of our success and we offer exciting prospects, from vocational training through to our internal succession plan.




Burckhardt+Partner AG
Dornacherstrasse 210
4002 Basel
Tel. +41 61 338 34 34


Burckhardt+Partner AG
Laupenstrasse 18A
3001 Berne
Tel. +41 31 335 21 11


Burckhardt+Partner AG
14 avenue Industrielle
1227 Carouge-Genève
Tel. +41 22 308 14 00


Burckhardt+Partner AG
Rue du Port-Franc 17 - CP 5491
1002 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 644 03 00


Burckhardt+Partner AG
Neumarkt 28
8022 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 262 36 46


B+P Reiner Becker GmbH
Bismarckstraße 101
10625 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 210 21 99-0


Burckhardt+Partner GmbH
Hebelstraße 1
79639 Grenzach-Whylen
Tel. +49 7624 908 88-0


B+P Reiner Becker GmbH
Am Hohengeren 3
70188 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 414 489-24