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We are a leading independent Swiss architecture and general planning company that also operates internationally. The company was founded in 1951 and has developed continuously ever since. In this time, we have significantly shaped architecture in Switzerland while also making a name for ourselves on the international stage. We currently operate five offices in Switzerland and three in Germany. We are therefore ideally positioned to open up the German-speaking market and expand our international network.  


Burckhardt+Partner stands for:

Architecture is our core business, our passion. Working with people who are the best in our field, we provide a full service, from the analysis stage through to handover. Be it concept design, planning or project execution.


Digital Leadership
The digitalization of the design and construction industries is resulting in profound changes to our work processes and working environment. New opportunities and prospects are opening up, which we are using to shape the future. We are taking the lead in implementing new technologies and recruiting suitable specialist staff.


Project developments
We are able to, and want to, generate a proportion of our contracts ourselves. To this end, we are working successfully in the area of property and site development. We monitor and analyze the market and its processes, and detect trends. This enables us to identify opportunities early, from which we develop tailored and sustainable projects.

Burckhardt Developments 


General planning
As general planners, we take on overall responsibility for the planning and realization of our projects. We provide a contact person to answer all questions and we put together the perfect team of specialists and generalists for each task. Thus, Burckhardt+Partner stands for quality and individuality.


International positioning
Our offices in Switzerland and Germany enable us to remain close to our customers and construction projects, in terms of location and language. Our offices work autonomously but are closely interlinked. As an initial step, we are expanding our operations in the German market and strengthening our international network.

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