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«United»: Needs-based hospital care for Upper Valais

With their design for the renovation and expansion of Brig hospital, Burckhardt+Partner have laid the foundation for interregional healthcare in Upper Valais that is fit for the future. Key components of the architectural concept are improved operational processes and the separation of outpatient and inpatient areas.

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Burckhardt+Partner: Implementation of succession plan

Precision, agility and innovation are key values for the architectural office Burckhardt+Partner. The company launched a strategy process to determine how these values look in practice, and has already implemented some initial measures. This includes appointing a successor for CEO Samuel Schultze.

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New SKAN headquarters opened

The architectural office Burckhardt+Partner designed and realized the new headquarters for SKAN – a leading manufacturer of cleanroom isolators for the pharmaceutical industry – including a production hall and in-house academy. The new building was opened following a construction period lasting around two-and-a-half years.

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Services center with shopping facilities at Ostermundigen station

Burckhardt+Partner teamed up with HRS Real Estate AG to develop the former Debrunner Acifer site into an attractive services center with shopping options. The main tenant of the new building just across from Ostermundigen station is Touring Club Switzerland. The building represents a fusion of the various building styles present in the town.

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Kantonsspital Aarau: Groundbreaking ceremony for hospital new-build

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new building of Aarau Cantonal Hospital took place yesterday, Thursday, 12 August 2021. With that, everything is in place for construction to go ahead. The “Dreiklang” project was developed by an architectural partnership of Burckhardt+Partner and wörner traxler richter and emerged as the winner of a two-stage overall-performance competition.

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Boutique-Hotel Märthof: The desire to travel and sojourn

Burckhardt+Partner have completely renovated the historic Märthof building in Basel city center and converted it into an exclusive boutique hotel. The architects were inspired by the vision of combining the mood of travel and a hotel stay in the 1920s with contemporary architectural design. Burckhardt+Partner have combined the design language of the original period with elements that clearly reflect modern design.

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Burckhardt+Partner conclude refurbishment of Coop headquarters in Basel

Burckhardt+Partner have performed a complete refurbishment of the national headquarters of major Swiss retailer Coop in Basel in their capacity as architects and general planners. The work on the building, which dates back to the 1970s, was completed in April. The refurbishment, carried out while the building remained in service, included a complete renovation of the façade, a partial renovation of the building services, and a redesign and reorganization of the office areas. This will extend the building’s service life by another 30 to 40 years.

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Burckhardt+Partner to Redevelop the Listed Hotel Metropole

Burckhardt+Partner are redeveloping – in cooperation with the heritage conservation authorities – the current Hotel Metropole in Bern’s historic center on behalf of PSP Swiss Property. Redevelopment work on the historic building situated on Waisenhausplatz began in January. The project is a valuable contribution to preserving the city’s historic architectural landscape.

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The new Schindler Campus: a symbiosis of architecture, landscape and scenography

The architects of Burckhardt+Partner have transformed the former Schindler Areal into a modern campus. In this concept, architecture and landscape complement one another and thus create a special working environment. The new building with the staff restaurant and the Schindler City Center has now been completed.

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Burckhardt+Partner office Bern: 500 projects over 25 years

Burckhardt+Partner’s architectural office in Bern was founded on 1 October 1995. 25 years later, the team has grown to encompass more than 40 members of staff and completed approximately 500 projects all around Switzerland in virtually all fields of building construction.

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Burckhardt+Partner AG: New management for the Berlin site

Carsten Krafft is set to become the new managing director of the Burckhardt+Partner AG Berlin site. The 48-year-old, who in his last position was a member of the extended executive team of Hascher Jehle Architektur, will be taking over the reins from Reiner Becker as of 1 August 2020. Mr Becker sold his office to Burckhardt+Partner three and a half years ago.

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Burckhardt+Partner AG merges its two German subsidiaries

As of 1 June 2020, Swiss architectural office Burckhardt+Partner AG is merging its two German subsidiaries into Burckhardt+Partner GmbH. The company will retain its presence in Berlin, Grenzach and Stuttgart. With this merger, the international company will now also position itself on the German market with a consistent name.

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Burckhardt+Partner receives the Korean Architecture Excellence Award

The architectural office Burckhardt+Partner has been presented with the Korean Architecture Excellence Award in the administrative buildings category for its construction of the new Swiss embassy in Seoul, South Korea.

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A double exhibition by architectural office Burckhardt+Partner

Under the exhibition title Transformations, architects are transforming the Munich Architecture Gallery's hermetic Bunker building, with real and illusionistic perspectives. The Munich Architecture Gallery's rooms in Kunstareal are also being artistically transformed. Selected works by this Swiss office are to be shown at both venues, using various means of representation.

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Building D inaugurated at Clienia Private Clinic Schlössli in Oetwil am See

The new replacement building by architectural office Burckhardt+Partner for the Clienia Private Clinic Schlössli in Oetwil am See has been completed. This structure was the winning project in a 2014 competition. It impressed with its coherent integration into the structural context and simultaneous architectural independence. After a good two years of construction work, the new Building D has now been inaugurated.

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Swiss Embassy opens in Seoul – architecture by Burckhardt+Partner

The new Swiss Embassy in Seoul was opened on May 17th, 2019, in the South Korean capital. The building's design comes from Swiss architectural office Burckhardt+Partner. The embassy building, inspired by a traditional hanok, successfully represents the bond between the two countries.

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The new Schindler Campus: a first milestone has been reached

Burckhardt+Partner AG is currently redeveloping the historic Schindler site in Ebikon, a town in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, into a modern campus. A first milestone has been reached: the office building which dates back to the 1970s has been refurbished and is now a contemporary, transparent management building. While the exterior design of the new strip facade references the existing facade of the historic production building on the Zugerstrasse, the interiors have been completely restructured to create a new office environment. 

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Redevelopment of the new Schindler-Campus

Burckhardt+Partner AG is redeveloping the historic Schindler site into a modern campus. The upgrading and overall design of the urban development include the replacement and conversion of existing buildings, new builds as well as the optimisation of site access and a new landscaping design.

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Start of construction for new SKAN AG headquarters

The architects Burckhardt+Partner AG developed the new headquarters for SKAN AG in the Bachgraben industrial park in Allschwil. It will be a modern company building that intends to eventually unite all the departments that are currently in decentralized rented buildings in one location.

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Visualization SKAN AG

June 26, 2018

Burckhardt+Partner is setting new standards in digitalization

Burckhardt+Partner AG acquired the innovative digitalwerkstatt in Basel in June 2018. This is part of a move by the leading Swiss architecture and general planning company to expand its digital expertise and set new standards in digital planning and construction-related services.

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June 12, 2018

Burckhardt+Partner: Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic’s new building to be opened

The renovation of the Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic and construction of a new building under the management of Burckhardt+Partner has been completed following a building period of five years. The concept of the well-known architecture firm creates a harmonious visual link between the municipality, clinic and landscape. On June 16, 2018 the opening ceremonies and an open house will take place.



June 7, 2018

Peter Epting to leave B+P

Peter Epting has played a significant role in the history of the renowned Swiss architecture firm Burckhardt+Partner AG. After more than 50 years at the company, he is retiring at the beginning of June.

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May 8, 2018

Philipp Bruhlmeier new Chairmen of board of directors of Burckhardt+Partner

Philipp Bruhlmeier will join as Chairman the board of directors of Burckhardt+Partner AG and will leave his position as Partner and Head of the French-speaking region of Switzerland. 

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November 8, 2017

Mall of Switzerland Opening

The Mall of Switzerland opens on 8th November 2017. It features approx. 65,000 square metres of retail, food and leisure space and is the second largest shopping center in Switzerland.
A key aim was to create a unique meeting place for the whole family with a catchment area spreading far further than just the region of central Switzerland.
Visitors can enjoy a high quality shopping experience enriched by a variety of fun food and leisure opportunities including the largest IMAX cinema in the country, a 12-screen multiplex cinema, a unique Kids Land based on Swiss themes and developed by leisure specialists The Leisure Way, the first indoor surfing wave in Switzerland and a gym & spa.

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Burckhardt+Partner to Redevelop the Listed Hotel Metropole 

Burckhardt+Partner are redeveloping – in cooperation with the heritage conservation authorities – the current Hotel Metropole in Bern’s historic center on behalf of PSP Swiss Property. Redevelopment work on the historic building situated on Waisenhausplatz began in January. The project makes a valuable contribution to preserving the city’s historic architectural landscape.