Topping out in Kaiseraugst!

After just eleven months of construction work, the building shell of our new LSL building was ceremoniously completed today, 9/19/2017. This production building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG at the Kaiseraugst site is scheduled to be finished by the 1st quarter of 2019. The process of putting the "Late Stage Development and Small Molecules Launch Facility" (LSL) into operation will then begin. Low-molecular-weight substances will be developed and commercialized here later.


Agenda 117: School buildings

Designing school buildings that flexibly support changes in the education system is one of the many areas of special expertise at Burckhardt+Partner. We devote ourselves to this responsible task with special dedication.

In our latest newsletter, read about three competition projects that demonstrate our approach to these defining projects.

Read the newsleter "Agenda 117"

Learn more about the competition Im Isengrind
Learn more about the competition Fröschmatt


Groundbreaking ceremony in Halle

On behalf of the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, we are realizing a new building in Halle for research and development focusing on the computer technology of the future. The groundbreaking ceremony took place yesterday.

The campus of the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics in Halle is part of a large-area science and research location. We are realizing an extension building with space for laboratories, a clean room and office workplaces, scheduled for completion by the end of 2025. The new building will enable the number of personnel to be doubled to around 300. It will house work on photonic components that use light to perform computations faster than is possible with electrons.

The research building consists of three interlocking structures, each housing one of the central functions: laboratory, office and clean room. An atrium over the entire height of the building brings daylight to all floors. Open communication zones and niches along the length of the atrium provide the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and encounter.

Visually, the three volumes merge into a single unit thanks to a strip façade with horizontal strip windows and green-blue glazed ceramic elements. Different-sized openings in the façade distinguish the buildings according to their use. The clean room area has a closed façade due to its complex climatic requirements. In the laboratory segment, glazed surfaces alternate with the large closed areas of the integrated technology spaces. Large-format windows bring daylight into the office segment.

From an urban planning perspective, the new building creates a new central public square on the campus grounds.


Burckhardt+Partner on National Future Day

On National Future Day, 15 young people were introduced to the different professions at Burckhardt+Partner at our locations in Basel and Lausanne.

From the sketch, to the model, through to the digital plans, the prospective architects and drafting technicians were given an insight into the various activities performed at our offices, based on current projects.

The day ended with a visit to the construction site of the new Hinterkirch housing development and the renovation project of the château complex in Crissier.


Expansion of Berlin management team

Burckhardt+Partner are expanding the management team at the Berlin office. As of 1 November 2022, Carsten Krafft will share the position of managing director of the location with Daria Grouhi.

The 45-year-old architect was most recently a director with executive responsibilities at the architectural office Kuehn Malvezzi in Berlin.

“With her engaging personality, her main areas of work and her visionary perspective on the future, Daria Grouhi will perfectly complement our Berlin team,” says Wolfgang Hardt, Co-CEO and Partner.

Burckhardt+Partner are currently navigating a dynamic growth phase at their German headquarters in Berlin. With the expansion of the management team, the architectural office is in a position to meet the increasing demands and fulfil its own aspiration to pursue growth in all areas.

“Daria Grouhi shares and embodies the quality aspirations in terms of building culture that Burckhardt+Partner stand for. Together we will be strong and successful in mastering the challenges of the future. It is a collaboration that I’m particularly looking forward to,” says Carsten Krafft.


Topping out ceremony on Bellerivestrasse

As Local Architects Burckhardt+Partner are undertaking a general refurbishment of Walter Niehus’ iconic office building on the shores of Lake Zurich. The building at Bellerivestrasse 36, which dates from 1974, is being modernized on behalf of Allreal, according to a design by the Danish office C.F. Møller to create a sustainable building that blends in with the surrounding park. After around 14 months of construction, the topping out ceremony was celebrated.

The project will transform the technically outdated office block into a contemporary, representative and forward-looking office building with a restaurant. Its most striking feature: The façade is fitted with overhanging solar panels that both produce electricity and protect against direct sunlight. The horizontal panels are clad in tinted glass that harmonizes with the metal cladding of the façade. This gives the building a new horizontal, light character that blends elegantly into the existing parkland and affords users and passers-by a clear view into the interior of the new office building.

In the center of the building, a new atrium is being created that connects the various office spaces via a spiral staircase. It supports collaborative exchange and the transfer of knowledge, while making it possible to exploit synergies.

The project is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2023.


Start of construction for the new DSM development building at the Sisseln site/Eiken

The new development building for DSM, a global leader in nutrition, health and life sciences, is being built in Sisseln/Eiken in the canton of Aargau.
Burckhardt+Partner are responsible for the new building as general planners. “We’re delighted that construction is underway on the complex development building, which is scheduled for completion in 2024,” says Christoph Frey, partner and member of the company management.


Competition – Geneva Children’s Hospital

The competition entry for the Children’s Hospital in Geneva by Burckhardt+Partner in conjunction with wörner traxler richter schweiz gmbh was awarded 6th place and 5th prize by the judges.

The design combines complexity and simplicity in an uncomplicated way. Like confetti thrown by hand, the project is composed of multiple building structures. With their sophisticated geometry and clean proportions, they form a unified visual entity. The project is carefully structured and proportioned, while representing a continuation of the existing pavilion system on the campus. The hospital building is complemented by an outpatient clinic, with components developed from the same characteristic style as the main structure. The compact building footprint is optimally exploited through the clever arrangement of the building structures.

While the front façade on Rue de la Roseraie is deliberately urban in design, the side on Rue Barthélemy-Menn is open to the park. The relationship between indoor and outdoor space is strengthened by the loose structure and large windows, as well as the integration of greened terraces as a link between the new buildings and the park.

The Children’s Hospital Geneva specialises in the health problems of newborns, children and adolescents. Over the past 50 years, the hospital has developed state-of-the-art services and centers of excellence in several areas, in particular organ transplants, cardiology, onco-hematology, child and adolescent psychiatry and neonatology.


«We’re drawing closer together» – Burckhardt+Partner on the European Heritage Days

The 29th edition of the European Heritage Days takes place on the weekend of 10–11 September. Burckhardt+Partner are also involved: Architect Katharina Wanke will be showing interested visitors around the Oristal housing development in Liestal near Basel.

Helvetia Insurance commissioned the architectural office to refurbish the 1960s development and densify it with great care so as to preserve the existing character of the neighborhood.

Four out of the seven existing buildings were completely renovated and the floor plans were adapted to the requirements of modern living. The three remaining buildings were replaced by four new buildings. These mesh, zipper-like, in with the existing buildings, as well as blending in with the newly designed landscape space. The result is that, despite a higher density and greater number of apartments, the views across the development and out into the surroundings are preserved.

Distinctive design elements of the existing buildings were borrowed for the new apartment buildings and translated into a modern, contemporary architectural language.

Oristalstrasse 42, Liestal
Saturday, 10 September
2:00pm and 3:30pm
Sunday, 11 September 2:00pm

Duration of the guided tour: approx. 30 minutes

No registration required

For further information, see


RE-Think Hanok – Spotlight on the Swiss Embassy in Seoul

At the symposium “K-House – RE-Think Hanok”, Nicolas Vaucher, architect and partner, will be presenting the multiple award-winning Swiss Embassy in Seoul designed by Burckhardt+Partner. The building is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Korean “Hanok” house, and one that also meets the stringent requirements of an embassy building. It represents a skillful blend of Swiss and Korean building culture.

The entire symposium can be followed in the live stream.

Thursday, 1 September 2022, from 7.30 a.m. CET
Presentation by Nicolas Vaucher, 8.00 a.m. CET

Find out more about the project



It was worth waiting…

Mehr erfahren


We are expanding our group of partners

We are convinced of the critical importance of competent partners to our organization to enable us to respond flexibly to developments. In expanding the group of partners within our company, we are responding to the growing demands and increasing complexity we are facing in our business activities.

Our partners collaborate directly with our clients and assume the overall management of the projects entrusted to them in collaboration with the team. This keeps us agile and lets us respond swiftly.

As of 1 July 2022, we welcome the following long-standing employees as partners:

  • Christoph Frey, member of the Basel management team, new member
    of the company management
  • Christof Goldschmid, site manager for Bern, new member of the company management
  • Daniel Hauswirth, member of the Bern management team
  • Christian Hirt, Head of Finance, new member of the group management
  • Christina Muchsel, member of the Basel management team
  • Nicolas Vaucher, deputy site manager for Lausanne and Geneva

Moreover, Christof Goldschmid takes over the site management in Bern from Oliver Schmid on 1 July 2022.


Agenda 115: Architecture for cutting-edge research

Using our architecture to create ideal conditions for cutting-edge research is an area of special expertise at Burckhardt+Partner.

Our new research building LASE for the TU Kaiserslautern meets the stringent requirements for laboratory infrastructure. At the same time its spatial concept fosters collaboration and exchange between the different departments that work on spin research together.

Learn more in our recent newsletter
Read the project description



Building the future with architecture – Burckhardt+Partner at Architecture Day 2022

Quality construction will be at the heart of public attention on Architecture Day, which takes place throughout Germany on the last weekend in June. The motto “Building the future with architecture” was chosen for this year’s programme by the Architektenkammer Rheinland-Pfalz. It is perfectly suited to the new LASE research building, which was planned and realized by Burckhardt+Partner.

In the Laboratory for Advanced Spin Engineering (LASE) at the TU Kaiserslautern, students and researchers from various disciplines work together to understand spin phenomena. The LASE offers well-equipped laboratory spaces as well as clean rooms – workspaces with extremely low concentrations of airborne particles.

Together with the TU Kaiserslautern and users of the LASE, we will be discussing the interrelation between architecture and science, explaining how the spatial concept supports exchanges between the disciplines, and inviting visitors on tours of the building.

Saturday, 25 June 2022
2 – 6 pm

Laboratory for Advanced Spin Engineering
TU Kaiserslautern
Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse, Building 76

Read the project description
Read the schedule on the Architektenkammer Rheinland-Pfalz' website (in german)


Topping out ceremony for new Learning Center in Kiel

The new Library and Learning Center is currently under construction on the campus of Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The topping out ceremony was celebrated on Kiel Fjord on Tuesday, 21 June 2022. The four-story new build will be the new center on the university campus and will house event rooms, work spaces, a library and a cafeteria.

The design of the building expresses openness and communication: The ground floor is extensively glazed and designed as an extension of the outdoor space. The open central atrium facilitates views between all floors and connects them with each other. A wide staircase, in part with seating steps, serves as a place of encounter and invites people to linger and exchange ideas.

With its striking metal façade, the new building will not only be an eye-catcher, but will also provide a new impetus for the transformation of Kiel’s harbor area. The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023.


“Our office size allows us to try out new tools in our everyday work”

In recent years, digital tools and process handling have greatly changed the collaboration and coordination of all those involved in the planning and execution of architectural projects.

In an interview with the Digital Lab of the “DETAIL” magazine, Alexander Kramer, VDC Manager at Burckhardt+Partner, talks about the advantages of Burckhardt+Partner’s office size in terms of the necessary know-how for the application of digital tools. He describes the challenges of digitalization in everyday project work and gives pointers on reaching a binding, transparent agreement with clients as to the required BIM services.

Read the whole interview on the DETAIL website


Winter Apéro 2022: Light, Film and Architecture

This year’s Winter Apéro, which had been postponed until early summer, finally took place on Thursday, 9 June 2022.

The topic of light was the common theme that ran throughout the evening and the entire program. The event also marked the change in management at the Bern location: After his welcoming speech, Oliver Schmid, a long-time partner and member of the company management, passed the baton to his successor Christof Goldschmid, whose presentation explored the importance of light in architecture.

The guests were then immersed in the film world of director Michael Steiner (Grounding, Mein Name ist Eugen, Wolkenbruch) – in keeping with the venue, Pathé Cinemas. In an interview with SRF editor Thomas Lüthi, he talked about his approach to light in film and his inspirations from movie history.

The event was rounded off with an apéro riche, where the theme was picked up again in the colors and decor.

You can find a selection of the best images from the evening in the photo gallery: View album


Planning and realization competition: «Neue Mitte» University Hospital Mannheim

The bidding consortium Burckhardt+Partner and wörner traxler richter has been awarded Second Prize for the design of the structural development of the “Neue Mitte” campus grounds at Mannheim University Hospital. The large-scale construction project secures the long-term provision of healthcare in Mannheim. The competition was sponsored by Universitätsklinikum Mannheim GmbH. According to the panel of judges, the design of the six- to seven-story structure offers clearly organized functional relationships and a high-quality environment for patients and visitors alike. The precisely positioned building complements the historic hospital ensemble with its historic park. At the same time, the judges stressed that the project as a whole was outstandingly well planned: “The creators pulled off an impressive feat in urban planning terms through the placement of the new structures.”


Versatile working environments: Official opening of Belimo’s Finance & Business Services unit after redevelopment

The top floor of the existing headquarters of Belimo Automation AG in Hinwil was officially opened in mid-May after redevelopment.

Burckhardt+Partner have created a specific and versatile working environment for the Finance & Business Services unit: The central IT desk and two lounge areas – a kitchenette and sofa corner – are located in the expansive central zone.

On both sides of it workspaces are situated along the window façades which include private meeting rooms and open-space areas for tasks requiring peace and quiet or conducive to a livelier environment.

Find out more about the project


Science and research at one location for Fraunhofer Institute

The new building for the Polymeric Materials and Composites (PYCO) research division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) was inaugurated in Wildau on 25 May 2022. The architectural concept provides space for high-level research, meetings and exchanges. The compact new three-story structure connects directly to the existing building housing the workshops. “The new building expands the existing technical facilities to cover an area of 5,000m2. It presents the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as a world-leading applied research organisation with cutting-edge lab facilities, thus enhancing the region’s appeal as a science hub,” explains Carsten Krafft, managing director of Burckhardt+Partner in Berlin.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will use the location to develop highly cross-linked and sustainable polymers and composites. Research into this technology previously took place across two separate sites near Berlin, in Teltow and Wildau, but can now be conducted under the same roof. The European Regional Development Fund contributed 80% of the cost for the new build, while the Federal Government and the state of Brandenburg each contributed 10%.



New life for historic château in Crissier

Château de Crissier, built in 1626, is being renovated. The three buildings making up the château complex will be turned into contemporary apartments. Delicate stuccos, golden fireplace surrounds and painted decorative features will be carefully restored and conserved.

Find out more about the project


Review: Architecture Week and Open House

As part of Architecture Week and Open House in Basel from 9 to 15 May 2022, Burckhardt+Partner offered visitors a glimpse into their own office premises as well as selected projects.

Sunshine and warm temperatures brought numerous visitors to the architectural office at 210 Dornacher Strasse to view the office premises, which were renovated in 2015, and also to visit an exhibition specially created for Open House, featuring current and highlight projects from the company’s history. At Hotel Märthof too, a total of over 350 visitors waited last weekend for their opportunity to admire the refurbished 4-star boutique hotel in all its glory. The expansion of the Basel Mission also received a great deal of attention during two guided tours.


Open and sustainable: new premises for Berlin’s municipal cleaning service

At Südkreuz station, a new ensemble of buildings is being built to house the offices of Berlin’s municipal cleaning service, Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR). In the restricted competition held in this regard, the design by Burckhardt+Partner was awarded 3rd place.

The ensemble picks up on the perimeter block theme, although openings permit pedestrian access and afford views of the individual solitary buildings with service and office uses. The breaks in the continuous perimeter buildings gives the complex an open appearance, inviting passers-by to walk through into the courtyard. The area between the buildings is laid out as an open green space with high amenity value.

The new building, designed as a timber hybrid construction, provide staff with flexible-use, contemporary working environments that cover different working requirements. Communication zones overlooking the green inner courtyard offer space on all floors for informal conversations and breaks.

Find out more about the project


First place in school building competition in Pratteln

Burckhardt+Partner’s design for the renovation of the Fröschmatt school complex in Pratteln near Basel was awarded first place in an open, anonymous competition. The new building will facilitate contemporary teaching and learning methods and its carefully designed outdoor space will make it an inviting place for the surrounding neighborhood.

The project design “Lungo” won by merit of its integration in the urban context as well as the architectural and open-space concept. Two buildings will provide the necessary additional space for 36 instead of 27 classes: A six-floor main building accommodates all types of school uses, while the annex in the form of a wooden pavilion in the school garden houses the sports halls.

The main building is defined on the ground floor by a semi-public boulevard for mixing and socializing, which serves as an exhibition, meeting and communication zone that fosters exchange among the students. The schoolrooms and classrooms are located on the four floors above. The top floor houses administration rooms, a media library and rooms for remedial teaching.

The main building in wood-hybrid construction is designed in such a way that a multifunctional and flexible room concept with adaptable classrooms and group rooms can also be realized in the future. Constructed as a row of basic modules, the school building can easily be expanded if more space is needed.


Facts 2021: The year in review, plus insights

Enabling interactive research, optimally connecting workspaces or intelligently doubling living space: The challenges we face are as varied as our clients. “Facts”, our new annual report, provides insight into the diverse nature of the projects we took on last year.
“Facts” also offers a surprising perspective in its overview of ongoing projects for the life sciences industry – one of our specialist fields that demands a high level of innovation.

Read our Annual Report Facts 2021



Three new members of the board of directors

At the Annual General Meeting on Monday, 25 April 2022, Barbara Hayoz stepped down as a member of the board of directors of Burckhardt+Partner AG after 10 years.

The following new members of the board of directors were elected for the next three years:

  • Wolfgang Hardt, Co-CEO Burckhardt+Partner AG (left side of the picture): A certified architect, he is responsible for the international business development of the architectural office and will head up the office from May 2023.
  • Janina Mütze, Founder and CEO of Civey GmbH Berlin (in the center of the picture): The entrepreneur was named by Forbes magazine in the technology category on the “30 under 30” list and is considered a great role model for women in the startup scene.
  • Corinne Pellerin, CCO, Head of Market + Clients and Member of the executive board, ewz Zurich (right side of the picture): As an expert on the energy market, she focuses on digital transformation and sustainability.

The existing board members Samuel Schultze, Heinrich Moser and Gert Thoenen were confirmed for the next three years. Philipp Brühlmeier remains chairman of the board of directors of Burckhardt+Partner.


Burckhardt+Partner at Architekturwoche Basel and Open House

This year, Architekturwoche Basel (AWB) will be held for the first time, from May 9th to 15th. As a biennial platform for architecture and urban development, it shall enable the public to see the potential of the building culture, expertise and enthusiasm to be found in the architecture industry and the Basel region. Following this, the fourth edition of Open House Basel will take place on the weekend of May 14th and 15th, 2022. Burckhardt+Partner is actively involved in both events.

As part of AWB, Burckhardt+Partner will participate in Open Office on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022. Here, the architecture office will open its doors to interested visitors in the afternoon. With an exhibition, we will provide insight into ongoing and realized projects, and present a selection of structures from our architecture firm’s history, which spans more than 70 years.

On Thursday, May 12th, 2022, the focus of AWB will be on the Bachgraben site. Burckhardt+Partner will conduct two guided tours of the new SKAN headquarters.

On the occasion of Open House Basel, Burckhardt+Partner will open its premises once again on Sunday, May 15th, 2022. Until this date, the exhibition that we designed for Open Office will be on display at our firm’s Gundeli headquarters, which we remodeled seven years ago. Also on the Open House weekend, there will be guided architectural tours of Hotel Märthof. Tours of the Basel Mission’s residential structure and seminar building with restaurant will be offered only on the Sunday afternoon.

Overview Events Burckhardt+Partner


Brig Hospital: Ground-breaking ceremony for “United” project

The groundbreaking ceremony yesterday marked the start of construction work for the renovation and expansion of Brig Hospital.The “United” project by Burckhardt+Partner creates the conditions required to concentrate the services of the Upper Valais Hospital Center (SZO) in Brig and secures the provision of needs-based hospital care for the entire region for decades to come.
The existing buildings from the 1970s were integrated into the architectural concept: The distinctive inpatient wing will be modernized and supplemented with a nine-story building. When completed, the new building will house the emergency ward, the intensive care unit, operating theaters and various general-care wards. The expansion will increase the number of beds from 137 to a total of 309, with all patient rooms designed as single or double rooms.

Read media release
Find out more about the project 
To the Valais Hospital Center’s microsite on the new building


Coop headquarters: Reference project with innovative solar façade

The Coop headquarters was presented as a reference project with a solar façade at the Energieapéro beider Basel, an event organised by the energy departments of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft and the Institute for Sustainability and Energy in Construction at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

As architects and general planners, Burckhardt+Partner were commissioned with the total refurbishment of the high-rise building in 2018. The high-rise’s redesigned façade combines a closed cavity system with photovoltaic elements incorporated in the parapet cladding. Besides an improved energy yield, the choice of photovoltaic modules also took aesthetic considerations into account.

With the refurbishment, the total energy requirement was reduced by over a third thanks to improvements to the building technology and building envelope, improved thermal insulation and the new ventilation system.

Find out more about the project


Agenda 114: Transformation at Ostermundigen railway station

Burckhardt+Partner have constructed a new office building right next to Ostermundigen railway station. The main tenant of the new building is the Touring Club Suisse (TCS), who will be able to consolidate more than 500 workspaces in a single location. From the design phase onwards, there was a strong emphasis on providing a high-quality experience for the new building’s users, as well as a focus on its significance for the current and future urban development of the municipality.

In our latest newsletter you can read more about how the new building’s architecture integrates with the local context, and how a pleasant atmosphere and working environment were ensured despite the building’s imposing size.

Read Newsletter
Learn more about the project


Management changes at Bern office

Oliver Schmid (left), partner at the Bern office and a member of the company management at Burckhardt+Partner, will be stepping down from his duties on 1 July 2022 for age-related reasons. Christof Goldschmid has been appointed his successor.

Oliver Schmid co-founded the Bern location 27 years ago and has been building it up ever since. Today, a team of some 40 people work in Bern.

Pioneering projects such as the construction of the International School of Berne and the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon are just as much milestones of his career as the close collaboration with Daniel Libeskind on the Westside Leisure and Shop-ping Center in Bern-Brünnen, or the planning and realization of several hospital buildings throughout Switzerland.

The Board of directors and the management thank Oliver Schmid for his successful activities and are pleased that he will continue to contribute his expertise to special assignments. They wish Christof Goldschmid much pleasure and every success in his new position.


Aarau Cantonal Hospital: Webcams showing construction progress

Work is progressing on the central replacement building for Aarau Cantonal Hospital: Since the groundbreaking ceremony in August 2021, the construction pit has now been excavated and parts of the foundation laid. The scale of the central replacement building can already be made out.

Over the course of this year, the building shell will continue to grow out of the ground. The progress of construction can be followed in real time via three webcams (1, 2, 3) set up by the general contractor Implenia.

The “Dreiklang” building by the Burckhardt+Partner and wörner traxler richter consortium will provide Aarau Cantonal Hospital with a modern, future-oriented main building that unites all clinical areas under one roof in a coordinated manner.

The project will have a positive impact on the city: The demolition of the old buildings has made it possible to expand the park as both a pleasant environment for patients and a central recreational space for the people of Aarau, from 75,000 m2 to over 94,000 m2.

Webcam 1Webcam 2Webcam 3

Learn more about the project


HSG Learning Center Square opens in St. Gallen

On 12 February 2022, the University of St. Gallen opened its imposing new building, Square, which will be a dominant feature of the university campus. The light-flooded glass building of the HSG was planned by Sou Fujimoto Architects in collaboration with Burckhardt+Partner as the local architect. The building is designed as a testing ground for innovative and forward-looking forms of learning and teaching in the digital age. The new place to think and work on the Rosenberg site consists of stacked cubes with open floor plans and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The heart of the building, the Forum, extends up through the higher floors, with the working areas arranged around it. As a prototype of the university of the future, Square is intended as a public space at the intersection of science, society, politics and culture.

Read the media release of the University of St. Gallen
Facts an figures on the new building of the University of St. Gallen 
Fore more about the opening of Square, see in the SRF`s Tagesschau


Milestone for site development in Hagnau: District development plan gains approval

A project to create a new urban district with six high-rise buildings and a broad mix of uses on the East and West Hagnau sites in Muttenz has been given the go-ahead: With the decision of the cantonal court and the waiver of an appellant’s right to appeal the decision, the district development plan, which is the product of a cooperative process, has become legally valid.

The plan is to create a district with a broad mix of residential and business uses, including shopping and restaurants. The ensemble is enhanced by generous open and green spaces. Burckhardt+Partner initiated the development of the area on the border between Basel and Muttenz in 2007 with a feasibility study, as well as designing the urban planning concept for both sites. The architectural office is also responsible for the project development for the East site, which can now begin as a result of this decision. The relevant building applications will be submitted in summer 2022.

The neighbouring Schänzli site is to remain undeveloped and will be redesigned by the municipality of Muttenz as a nature and recreation area. The approval of the district development plan also lays the foundation in terms of planning law for the Schänzli project to proceed.

Find out more about the project


Samuel Schultze and Wolfgang Hardt appointed Co-CEOs

With effect from the beginning of the year, Samuel Schultze (left) and Wolfgang Hardt have been appointed Co-CEOs of the architectural office Burckhardt+Partner. This will ensure a smooth transition when Wolfgang Hardt takes over as CEO from May 2023.

The succession plan for Samuel Schultze, who is set to retire at the end of April 2023, is part of a comprehensive strategy and change process.

Wolfgang Hardt has been a member of company management and partner at Burckhardt+Partner since 2012 and has been responsible for international business development since 2019.

Read the press release


Mediating between the scales

The new office building by Burckhardt+Partner at Ostermundigen railway station provides a new impetus for the urban development of the district.

The new building incorporates the character of its location on the former industrial site: The building reflects the heights of the neighboring buildings and the materials used create a reference to the surroundings.

Learn more about the new building 


First place in the competition for a teaching and research building at the University of Bonn

With their design for a new multi-purpose teaching and research center in timber hybrid construction, Burckhardt+Partner won the restricted competition of the University of Bonn.

The four-story replacement building, with offices, seminar rooms and laboratories for around 180 staff and 750 students, will house various natural science institutes. These institutes will benefit from synergies among themselves by sharing the easily adaptable spaces for different purposes.

A central atrium provides a setting for students to meet and talk. The lecture hall and seminar rooms are located on the lower floors. The two upper floors accommodate laboratories, offices and staff common areas.

Read the press release


Agenda 113: Stylish transformation of the Märthof building in Basel

Burckhardt+Partner have renovated the Märthof building in Basel city center and transformed the former department store into an exclusive boutique hotel plus restaurant. During this conversion, distinctive elements from different eras were taken and translated into contemporary architecture.
By opening the building towards Marktplatz, the conversion simultaneously provided an impulse for the revitalization of the central square in the heart of the city.

Read the ‘Agenda’ newsletter
Find out more about the project



Art for the Teaching and Learning Center Wiesbaden

On the campus of the RhineMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Burckhardt+Partner are constructing a new Teaching and Learning Center with a lecture hall, seminar rooms, library and café. A work of art by artists Robert Barta and Stefanie Trojan will be realized in the atrium by the end of 2022. This art-in-architecture was chosen in the context of a competition.

“We are delighted that this art project will amplify our spatial concept and the importance of the atrium as a place of exchange and networking,” says Carsten Krafft, managing director of Burckhardt+Partner in Berlin.

The new building combines different kinds of student learning, and with its café and terrace provides an ideal setting for people to meet.

Visualization of the work of Robert Bara and Stefanie Trojan


Art Award Riehen goes to Bianca Pedrina

The Art Award Riehen 2021 was conferred on photographer Bianca Pedrina in the context of the “Regionale”.

Her work “City Dust” deals with an architectural element in both form and content: A highly magnified image of a façade shows deposits that have formed over time, presented as a sculpted, relief-like surface.

“With her work ‘City Dust’, Bianca Pedrina challenges perceptions and brings fresh inspiration to the medium of photography,” says Samuel Schultze, CEO of Burckhardt+Partner, about the presentation of the award.

The Art Award Riehen has been endowed annually by Burckhardt+Partner since the first edition in 2015.


Photos: Bianca Pedrina, Claude Gasser


Construction work for residential development "Hinterkirch" has now begun

Construction work on the "Hinterkirch" residential development has begun after obtaining permission to build.

On the former industrial site in Reinach/BL, 8 buildings with a total of 87 flats are being built.

With their different floor plans, they offer their residents a high quality of living, regardless at what stage and in what style of life they live.

This idea also finds expression in the open space design: a neighbourhood square as a community meeting place is planned, as are generous garden landscapes with idyllic retreats.

Learn more: Project Hinterkirch



The Original in Mind

The Hotel Metropole in Bern's old town is currently being renovated with the utmost care.

A new hotel concept for the city of Bern and an expanded restaurant are being realised.

With the original in mind, characteristic design elements of the building from 1880 are being restored on the façade and in the staircase.

A recent article provides insight into the ongoing transformation:

"Das Original im Hinterkopf"


Tomorrow's architects on a visit at Burckhardt+Partner

14 young people from 5th to 7th grade learned about the various professions at Burckhardt+Partner on today's National Future Day.

Among them were five participants of the project "Mädchen-planen-los!", which is aimed at giving girls an insight into professions where women are still underrepresented today.

Using the example of the "Hinterkirch" project in Reinach/BL, the young people learned about the various stages and job profiles related to architecture, from the initial sketch to marketing to the finished model and the visit to the construction site.


Swiss Solar Prize for the renovation of the Coop headquarters

For the comprehensive renovation of its headquarters in Basel, the owner of the building, Coop, was awarded the Swiss Solar Prize 2021. As architects and general planners, Burckhardt+Partner were commissioned with the total refurbishment of the high-rise building in 2018.

The high-rise’s redesigned façade consists of a closed cavity system combined with photovoltaic elements in the parapet cladding. Besides an improved energy yield, the choice of photovoltaic modules also took aesthetic considerations into account.

The modules have a printed glass surface with a satin finish that lends them a uniform appearance. This was reflected in the jury’s report, which underscored the exemplary integration of the PV system into the façade, while also meeting high design standards.

With the refurbishment, the total energy requirement was reduced by over a third thanks to improvements to the building technology and building envelope, improved thermal insulation and the new ventilation system.

Learn more about the project


Commendation in competition for new Ministry of Finance building in Düsseldorf

Burckhardt+Partner garnered a commendation for the design of the new building of the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf. The architectural office was one of 14 entrants invited to join the project competition. The new building is part of a redesign of Düsseldorf’s government district in line with urban-planning policy.

The design envisages a high-rise and an atrium building connected by a base building. Public-oriented uses in the base create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces. Within the building, open spaces such as atriums and open staircases foster informal meetings and communication.

Both the high-rise and the atrium building follow a hybrid design in wood and concrete. This, plus the production of electricity by photovoltaic panels in the façade as well as on the roof, enables the design to meet the state government’s high sustainability requirements for this project.

Learn more about the project


Handover of keys in Offenburg

The newly built extension by Burckhardt+Partner for the Offenburg police headquarters is now complete and has been handed over to the regional police headquarters by the Baden-Württemberg state government.

The new building houses the command and situation center, which will field emergency calls from all across the precinct and will be subject to heightened security requirements. Offices, an administrative area with central storage for criminal records and forensic laboratories were also added.

To enable short distances and optimum workflows, the new building is connected to the existing headquarters via a two-story walkway. The extension provides the necessary infrastructure for a greater concentration of police operations with over 300 staff at the headquarters.


BIS Tower open to the public

In 1976, Burckhardt+Partner constructed a new headquarters for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The high-rise building near Basel main station with its distinctive shape and characteristic aluminum and glass façade still dominates the city skyline today. To mark the Bank’s 90th anniversary, the building will be open to the public from 26 October to 4 November.

The BIS exists to promote monetary and financial collaboration and serves as a bank and forum for central banks.

Visitors get the rare opportunity to see the building from the inside and take in the panoramic view from the 18th floor.

More information:



New SKAN headquarters opened

After two-and-a-half years of construction, the opening of SKAN’s new headquarters in Allschwil, Baselland, took place and was attended by Cantonal Councilor Isaac Reber. The architects from Burckhardt+Partner designed and realized an identity-defining new building for the leading manufacturer of cleanroom isolators, in the Bachgraben area.

The steel support structure – an eye-catcher and defining design element – fulfills the requirement for a column-free production hall that can be directly accessed by trucks. Above the production hall are two floors with offices, a cafeteria and laboratories.

Read the media release
Learn more about the project


New services center opened at Ostermundingen station

Burckhardt+Partner have transformed a former industrial site at Ostermundigen train station. Our office in Bern has developed the site into a services center with shopping facilities in collaboration with the real estate service provider HRS Real Estate AG. 

The new build represents the start of urban densification and development for the town and sets a strong impulse for the transformation of the station area and the adjacent neighborhood.

The main tenant of the new office building is Touring Club Schweiz (TCS), which consolidates its various locations in German-speaking Switzerland at one central address.

Today, Wednesday, 29 September 2021, the TCS celebrated its new Swiss german headquarter with 600 workstations after a construction period of about one and a half years.

Find out more about the project
Read media release about the architectural concept


Agenda 112: Intelligent densification - Doubled living space

In the Hirzbrunnen district of Basel, we planned and constructed two new replacement buildings in sustainable wood-hybrid design for the Riburg housing cooperative. Built in rows, they blend in with the urban development typology of the neighborhood and have almost twice as much living space as before, thanks to intelligent densification.

Discover in the latest newsletter how our new builds achieve a high degree of usage flexibility through a modular concept and offer the best conditions for a well-mixed tenant base.

Find out more in our "Agenda"-Newsletter (in German and French)
To the project description


Peculiarity of Swiss architecture – Burckhardt+Partner at the Day of Swiss and Czech Architecture

Burckhardt+Partner have been invited by the Swiss Embassy in Prague to speak at today's "Day of Swiss and Czech Architecture". The conference on the development of modern architecture in Switzerland is held in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Swiss and Czech Chamber of Commerce and in cooperation with the company Keramik Laufen.

Nicolas Vaucher, architect at Burckhardt+Partner and responsible for project design at the Lausanne and Geneva sites, explored in his lecture what characterizes the singularity of Swiss architecture and how it relates to its cultural context. «I am convinced that there is a strong relationship between the Swiss mentality and the forms of expression practiced, be it in design or architecture», Vaucher stated as one of his theses during the lecture.

Distinctive cultural aspects are a Protestant mentality and the early development of a Swiss understanding of quality. A well-established competition and association system in conjunction with a comprehensive understanding of the role of the architect are further significant and quality-promoting factors.

Concluding his lecture, Vaucher drew a link to the Swiss Embassy in Seoul: Burckhardt+Partner realized the new building under his leadership in 2019. Emphasis was placed on how the embassy confronts a local building tradition and refers to it. This and the integration into the urban context deliver a message of modesty, but at the same time divulge an idea of Swiss quality.


Master plan for the BaseLink site: 75,000 m2 for innovative projects

On the BaseLink site in Allschwil near Basel, an innovative life science cluster is currently developing with the first Swiss innovation park, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, various research teams from the University of Basel and ETH Zurich as well as other international companies.

The basis for this development is the master plan designed by the architectural office Burckhardt+Partner for the roughly 75,000 m2 large site owned by the Bürgerspital Basel. The master plan pursues a holistic and sustainable development of the site. The energy supply via geothermal probes and the area’s accessibility have been designed in a holistic manner. A shared and central green space crosses the whole site, connecting the different areas and offering a high quality of space. With its guidelines, the master plan also enables the realization of a variety of building types and promotes at the same time the development of an identity-forming architectural appearance.

On the BaseLink site, innovative projects meet forward-looking architecture. An example of this is the "Hortus" project: A new built that restores in 30 years all the grey energy invested in its construction and then becomes a positive energy building.

The magazine Hochparterre devoted a recent article to the BaseLink site.

Read the article in Hochparterre (in German).


Visualization: Stauffer Rösch AG


Roche production building as a model for future-oriented working environments

The recent architecture book «working environments. spaces of productivity» presents buildings which, through their architecture and global design, enhance productivity and optimize workflows. Due to the optimal arrangement of the room uses and high flexibility, our production and office building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG is also featured in the publication.

The clear and uniform structure of the new Roche building in Kaiseraugst, in which the production and technical floors each form a unit, makes it possible to flexibly adapt the production facility and offers the best conditions for the complex pharmaceutical production processes of the company.

In addition to the production area, the building also includes office workplaces, meeting rooms and open communication areas. These are optimally connected to the production area through mutual insights and spatial proximity. The visibility and interconnection of the different areas enable short distances and efficient workflows.

Read the article from «working environments. spaces of productivity»
To the project description


Continuation and completion of the renovation and conversion of Thun Hospital

With the completion and commissioning of the third floor, another milestone in the conversion and renovation of Thun Hospital was reached in mid-March 2021. Now the renovation is continuing with the private ward on the fourth and final floor and is on track for completion by the end of 2022. Burckhardt+Partner have been renovating ward block A, which consists of seven wards and an intensive care unit, since 2017. The continuous operation of the hospital is guaranteed throughout the five-year construction period.

The conversion will result in a substantial upgrading of the interior rooms. The design concept involving a different color scheme for the rooms and corridors on each floor helps patients and staff find their way around more easily. The careful choice of colors and materials creates a homey atmosphere that supports the patients’ recovery process. The quality of patients’ stay will be enhanced by the addition of single rooms for privately insured patients on the top floor and the reduction from four- to two-bed rooms for patients with statutory health insurance.

With the modernization of the complete building services and retrofitting measures for enhanced earthquake protection, the ward block will be brought up to the very latest standards, which will extend the service life of the building.

To the project description


Kantonsspital Aarau: Groundbreaking ceremony for hospital new-build

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new building of Aarau Cantonal Hospital took place yesterday, Thursday, 12 August 2021. With that, everything is in place for construction to go ahead. The “Dreiklang” project was developed by an architectural partnership of Burckhardt+Partner and wörner traxler richter and emerged as the winner of a two-stage overall-performance competition.

To the media release 
To the project description




Innovative photovoltaic façade of the Coop headquarters

The special magazine "Werkplatz Spezial" from Hochparterre dedicates its latest edition to the topic of windows and façades. One of the articles presents the comprehensive technical renovation of the building envelope and the redesigned façade of the Coop headquarters in Basel, which Burckhardt+Partner refurbished, with their pioneering combination of photovoltaic and closed cavity elements in the parapet cladding.

The solution developed in cooperation with Aepli Metallbau – the first combination of its kind to be installed – covers around 10 percent of the building’s electricity requirements. The photovoltaic modules are hardly noticeable visually due to their special printed glass surface with a satin finish: "We invested a lot of effort to combine design requirements with technical and sustainable demands," explains Marco Husmann, overall project manager at Burckhardt+Partner.

Read the article in the «Werkplatz Spezial» from Hochparterre (in German)
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Planning application for the new biomedicine building submitted

Burckhardt+Partner planned the construction project for the new biomedicine building of the University of Basel. The planning application for the new research facility on the Schällemätteli Life Sciences Campus has now been submitted. Construction work is expected to begin in 2023, with the new building to be completed around five years later. In the new facility, the department's current five locations with a total of 70 research groups will be gathered under one roof. This will improve scientific and interdisciplinary exchange among the approximately 700 employees and 200 students.

Press release University of Basel


Boutique Hotel Märthof: The desire to travel and sojourn

Today tuesday, July 27, 2021, a media event was held at Basel's Märthof to mark the opening of the new homonymous hotel.

Burckhardt+Partner have completely renovated the historic Märthof building in Basel city center over the past year and a half and converted it into an exclusive boutique hotel. The architects were inspired by the vision of combining the mood of travel and a hotel stay in the 1920s with contemporary architectural design.

With the conversion of the building, most recently used as a department store, into a boutique hotel with a restaurant, Burckhardt+Partner have designed and created a vibrant urban building which will also fill the historic Marktplatz with life in the evenings.

Read media information about the architectural concept
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best architects award for the Swiss Embassy in Seoul

Award-winning: The Swiss Embassy in Seoul is a contemporary interpretation of the Korean courtyard house combining Swiss and Korean building culture. Burckhardt+Partner was awarded the »best architects 22« label for the prestigious building.

The best architects award is presented annually to projects that impress the international jury of experts for their architectural and design qualities, spatial concept and functionality, also considering technical and creative aspects. The project in Seoul, based on the winning entry in an open competition, previously received the Grand Prize at the Korea Wood Design Award 2020 and the Korean Architecture Excellence Award in 2019.

To the project description


Agenda 111: Nature and architecture – Two new builds for the Basel Mission

Close to the Basel city center, Burckhardt+Partner have designed two new modern wooden buildings for the Basel Mission. Together with the Mission House from 1860, they form a harmonious ensemble that blends perfectly into the extensive gardens through the choice of materials, colors and placement. New uses enable the Basel Mission to sustainably complement and expand its hotel and seminar offerings.

Find out in the newsletter how the new buildings by Burckhardt+Partner are characterized by the interplay of nature and architecture and also open up sustainable new perspectives.

Find out more in the ‘Agenda’ newsletter
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On site and from home: Burckhardt+Partner at the Day of Architecture

Burckhardt+Partner were selected by three architectural associations to participate in this year's Day of Architecture. The Berlin office will open its doors to interested visitors and provide insights into its work. Two live broadcasts will provide insights and create interesting interdisciplinary connections.


Mehr erfahren


Partnership built on innovation

Mehr erfahren


New Building by Burckhardt+Partner for Covid-19 Vaccine Production

The Lonza manufacturing facility in Visp is playing a key role in the global production of Covid-19 vaccine doses. Burckhardt+Partner planned and built the new 370,000 m3 MC1 building, in which the active ingredient for the Corona vaccine is produced.

Find out more about production of the vaccine in the SRF News program

Photo: Lonza Ltd.


Complete Refurbishment of the Coop Headquarters in Basel completed

Burckhardt+Partner have performed a complete refurbishment of the Basel headquarters of Swiss retailer Coop. The work on the building, which dates back to the 1970s, has now been completed.

The architects have pulled off an impressive balancing act between preserving elements that lend to the character of the building, rendering modern technology visible and adopting a contemporary architectural idiom: Typical elements of the building, such as the external concrete columns, were retained, and new photovoltaic elements in the façade combine high design specifications with technology and sustainability requirements.

The refurbishment, which was carried out while the building remained operational, will extend the service life of the high-rise building by another 30 to 40 years.

To the media release
To the project details
More about the refurbishment while the building remained operational in “Agenda” 107
Article of «» on the topic (in german)


Facts 2020: A review providing insights

Whether Designer Brand, Campus Life or Hard Core: Burckhardt+Partner find the bespoke solution with added value for all architectural challenges. An insight into the variety of projects worked on and realized in the past year can be found in the annual report "Facts" 2020.

In a surprising way, we also introduce those who, with their wide range of expertise, are behind this project diversity: Our employees.

To the annual report "Facts" 2020



Recognition for competition entry for Ortenau Klinikum Offenburg

Burckhardt+Partner were commended for their design for a new medical campus in Offenburg. The Ortenau Klinikum Association is planning a new central clinic with around 700 beds. For the project competition, 15 entries were selected from 28 submissions.

Collaborating with WTR Architekten and Topotek landscape architects, Burckhardt+Partner designed a free-standing clinic complex with a new green corridor resembling a landscaped park.

The new buildings for patient-oriented healthcare are divided by function into two main sections. All areas are optimally connected for operational purposes via the two-story base with its superstructures of varying heights. This arrangement results in an inherently compact floor space with a number of spacious inner courtyards.


Prestigious: Märthof soon to be a stylish boutique hotel

Burckhardt+Partner are currently completely refurbishing the historic Märthof in the center of Basel: The architects vision for the redevelopment of the former department store into an exclusive boutique hotel will also breathe fresh life into Basel’s city center. The new outdoors area connects the building with the marketplace and, along with the restaurant and bar on Eisengasse, offers locals and hotel guests alike an ideal venue to meet up.

The refurbishment will be concluded this summer. The work on the unique façade is already largely complete: With due consideration for the historic building fabric and therefore in close consultation with the heritage conservation authorities, the façade has been refreshed and upgraded with targeted interventions. Generous new window openings at street level make it possible for the unique location on one of Basel’s most central squares to be experienced inside the building as well. A new, exclusive roof terrace will offer a unique view over the city.

Find out more about the project


Two new builds for the Basel Mission

On behalf of the Basel Mission, Burckhardt+Partner have created a residential structure and a new seminar building with a restaurant run by Hotel ODELYA. The two new buildings complete the facilities, forming a new and harmonious ensemble with the historic Mission House and the spacious gardens.

Through their materials, color and placement, the two new timber buildings integrate perfectly into the exceptional gardens, which have been carefully developed to create a space for active local life in the center of Basel.

The connection between nature and architecture is further pursued inside the buildings, where the timber cladding creates a play of light and shadow that is reminiscent of a gazebo, and establishes a link to the surrounding gardens.

Find out more about the project



Burckhardt+Partner in the annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects

The Österreicher Stadel (“Austrian Barn”) in Regensburg, which was converted into a museum depot by Burckhardt+Partner, will feature in the annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects from 17 April 2021. Of the over 150 submitted projects reviewed by an independent panel of experts, 61 are on display in the exhibition “da! Architecture in and from Berlin”.

The heritage-protected 17th-century barn directly on the bank of the Danube was refurbished by Burckhardt+Partner and converted into a depot for the nearby House of Bavarian History museum, which opened in 2019. To meet the requirements of a modern museum depot, structural interventions were necessary along with energy upgrades and enhanced technical equipment. 

Digital opening: 16 April 2021 at 6pm (information in german)

A real-world visit is also possible:
17 April to 15 May 2021
stilwerk Berlin, Kantstrasse 17, 10623 Berlin | Admission free

Find out more about the project
Event information of the Berlin Chamber of Architects (in german)


Agenda 110: Collaborative working environment at Selmoni’s new headquarters

Burckhardt+Partner have completed the new headquarters for the Selmoni Group in Münchenstein near Basel. The move to the new location in January also marked the beginning of a process of change within the electrical technology company: Selmoni has combined facilities previously housed at different locations in Basel’s historic center.

Read in the newsletter how our architecture promotes collaboration, why the central atrium is crucial to this and explore it in a virtual 360-degree view.


Find out more in the ‘Agenda’ newsletter
Explore the 360° view of the atrium
To the project details


Change of management at AG für Planung und Überbauung

After many years of successful leadership, Donald Wunderlin will step down as managing director of AG für Planung und Überbauung at the end of March 2021.

Until his retirement in spring 2022 – after almost 40 years with the company in various functions – Donald Wunderlin will support the upcoming handover process and ensure the transfer of his extensive know-how.

The new managing director of our subsidiary is Daniel Keller, executive board member and head of project development at Burckhardt+Partner AG. The strategy will now be to bring about even closer collaboration between project development and AG für Planung und Überbauung, in order to specifically harness synergies in an integrated work process.

A man of great personal responsibility and loyalty with a huge breadth of entrepreneurial and technical knowledge, Donald Wunderlin has played a crucial role in building up our subsidiary and leading it to success: AG für Planung und Überbauung makes a significant contribution to the economic success of the company as a whole – with the realization of such impressive projects as Elco Park, Goldener Löwen, Holeegarten, Spitzenrain and Hübeli – and is therefore of key importance.

We would like to thank Donald Wunderlin for his creativity, his dedication and his entrepreneurial spirit. We wish Daniel Keller every success in his new position and in the further growth of our subsidiary.


For greater autonomy: Belforterstrasse residential home for people with profound disabilities

On the outskirts of Basel, Burckhardt+Partner have built a residential home for 24 people with profound disabilities who require a high level of support. In a new publication, the Building Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt presents the new building from 2019.

The residential home on Belforterstrasse is characterized by a generous, needs-oriented interior design that combines the necessity for comfort and privacy with the requirements of modern nursing. On each of the four floors, six people with disabilities live in a residential community. A function room on the ground floor provides a conducive setting for residents to meet up and chat.

The residential home serves as a conclusion to the meandering structure of the cooperative housing development Am Bachgraben, which was likewise planned and realized by Burckhardt+Partner. This makes the residential home an integral part of the whole complex: The semi-open courtyard and garden offer opportunities for contact between the residents of the residential home and the neighboring housing cooperative, which promotes integration and social mixing.

Publication of the Office of Structural Engineering of the Canton Basel-Stadt (in german)
Find out more about the project.


3rd place in competition for high-rise building in Karlsruhe

The city of Karlsruhe wishes to create a new route into the city from the south. As a result, the district south of the central railway station is undergoing extensive redevelopment.

A new high-rise building is to be constructed on the edge of the city center – within the new skyline of 70-meter-high towers – as a new landmark building. Burckhardt+Partner’s submission came in third place in the non-public competition with 16 participants.

The high-rise design with a base structure and sleek tower takes account of the heterogeneous surrounding urban environment and provides an attractive mix of usages which includes commercial space, offices, a hotel, serviced apartments and micro-apartments.

Find out more about the project.


Settling into the new police headquarters in Aalen

The Aalen police headquarters is responsible for the security of about one million inhabitants spread over eleven large districts and one hundred municipalities in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The new extension building planned and realized by Burckhardt+Partner has been taken into operation. At 10:33 a.m., the first emergency call was received.

The facade made of metal panels in various shades of black with different degrees of gloss gives the building an independent appearance in comparison with the immediately adjacent existing building, which Burckhardt+Partner are renovating until 2022.

Minister Thomas Strobl speaks of a "milestone for the future of the Aalen police headquarters."

Police President Reiner Möller is also highly satisfied with the new building: “We have now taken the important step of bringing together in one space the central command and operation staff. The new framework conditions allow for faster, more efficient and ultimately more professional processing of operations, especially in complex operations."


Building permit granted for new Pointe du Bouchet district

In Vernier, between the airport and the city center of Geneva, the new district Pointe du Bouchet has received the approval of the authorities and population. The building permit for the hotel and conference center is now in force. The construction request was approved last November and is now effective - with no objections received. The project is based on the district development plan, also designed by Burckhardt+Partner.

In addition to a 251-room hotel, the Pointe du Bouchet district will also include an office and commercial building. Such a development enhances the profile and attractiveness of the location. A public square in the center of the new urban district will provide a place for local residents to meet and mingle.


Burckhardt+Partner to Redevelop the Listed Hotel Metropole

Burckhardt+Partner are redeveloping the property on Waisenhausplatz in Bern – in cooperation with the heritage conservation authorities – on behalf of PSP Swiss Property. Work on the historic building began in January. The listed corner building constructed in 1880 in Bern’s historic center is already being used as a hotel.

The redevelopment project paves the way for the creation of a hotel concept new to the city of Bern and for extended restaurant usage in a prime location.

Read the press release
Find out more about the project


Media coverage :
Berner Zeitung​
Der Bund​


Source of historical photograph: Burgerbibliothek Bern, Sammlung Hans-Ulrich Suter 712


Second place in the competition to expand the Biopôle life sciences campus

Burckhardt+Partner, in collaboration with Halter AG, were ranked second in the general contractor competition to expand the Biopôle life sciences campus near Lausanne. The design for a new development providing laboratory and office space offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of interior fit-out. This means it can also be optimally adapted long-term to meet the needs of tenants and keep step with technical developments in the research environment.

The positioning of the various parts of the proposed building ensemble and its façade design, featuring ceramic strips, let it blend into the existing campus architecture. Open spaces between the buildings provide views of the surrounding landscape and the Alps, incorporating the local surroundings into the design. 

Find out more about the project


Modular and sustainable: new builds for the Riburg housing cooperative are taking shape

Burckhardt+Partner are currently working on two new replacement buildings for the Riburg housing cooperative. The 59 apartments will be ready for tenants in the summer, and will be built using prefabricated wood-hybrid construction elements.

The new structures will be carefully integrated into the surrounding neighborhood, replacing the oldest buildings in the housing cooperative. The modular building style employed makes it possible to offer high-quality, affordable housing that is still cheaper than standard market prices.

The new buildings are also attractive in terms of sustainability: the materials used, as well as the borehole heat exchangers and the photovoltaic system, allow for more efficient energy use.

The project is the result of Burckhardt+Partner’s successful response to a call for proposals to renew the Riburg housing cooperative.

Find out more


Collaborative environment: new headquarters for Selmoni

Burckhardt+Partner has completed the construction of the new headquarters of the Selmoni Group in Münchenstein near Basel. The electrical technology company moves into the new building on january 2021. Selmoni’s new building combines office, workshop and storage facilities previously housed at different locations in Basel’s historic centre at the new site of around 20,000 m2. The building’s architectural design fosters collaboration between the various departments.

Burckhardt+Partner utilised the advantages of digital tools for this project. All planning processes were coordinated digitally with the developer and the consultants using building information modelling (BIM).


Agenda 109: The new Schindler Campus

In Ebikon, near Lucerne, Burckhardt+Partner have developed Schindler’s company premises into prestigious modern headquarters.

The centerpiece of the new campus is the Schindler City Center, where customers can experience the brand and product world of the globally active and leading manufacturer of elevators and escalators, showcased in a spacious and surprising manner.

Learn more about the Schindler Campus in the latest company newsletter, “Agenda”.
To the project details


Burckhardt+Partner take second place in school building competition

The City of Zurich is planning to construct a new secondary school building in the quarter of Affoltern, consisting of 20 classrooms, a canteen, childcare facilities, a music school and a double sports hall. From 60 participants the project submitted by Burckhardt+Partner was ranked second in the public call for proposals launched for this endeavor.

The project stood out for its flexible use of space and ability to adapt the rooms to future teaching requirements, as well as for its pavilion architecture, which fits in well with its urban surroundings.

Find out more about the competition entry


HSG Learning Center in St. Gallen taking shape

Burckhardt+Partner are planning and realizing the HSG Learning Center for the world’s leading business university in St. Gallen, in collaboration with the Japanese architectural office Sou Fujimoto. The shell of the innovative teaching and learning location is currently taking shape on the university grounds.

The light-flooded building with its 7,000 square meters of floor space consists of stacked cubes with open floor plans that support the innovative teaching and learning concept of the university. The heart of the building, the forum, extends up through the higher floors, with working areas arranged around it. These are flexible in size and function and, with their state-of-the-art infrastructure, offer a variety of zones for learning and interaction. The new place to think and work paves the way for innovative forms of learning in the digital age and will be a dominant feature on the University of St. Gallen campus.

For an initial impression of the HSG Learning Center, take a virtual tour of the construction site.


Continuation of the Partnership with IAESTE

In the context of its long-standing partnership with the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE), Burckhardt+Partner offers highly educative internships for prospective architects.

The IAESTE association enables students with a technical background to gain professional experience abroad and to develop their professional and personal skills. The cultural insights gained during an exchange can make for a formative experience with long-term benefit to the student’s future career.

Burckhardt+Partner intends to continue their involvement next year as well, while looking forward to welcoming other talented students.

Further information on IAESTE



Housing development in Suhr completed

In the municipality of Suhr near Aarau, Burckhardt+Partner were commissioned by ETRA Immobilien AG to realise a new residential development with five apartment buildings. In a very central location in the middle of the village, a total of 85 generously proportioned, light apartments have been built, which by next summer will be surrounded by inviting green outdoor spaces. The owners and tenants of the newly completed residential complex will take up residence by the end of the year. Burckhardt+Partner were awarded the project after submitting the winning entry to the study competition.


Award for Swiss embassy in Seoul

Burckhardt+Partner has won the Grand Prize at the Korea Wood Design Award 2020 for the representative building in Seoul. With this, the ‘Swiss Hanok’ – our contemporary interpretation of the Korean courtyard house – has picked up another award.

How Burckhardt+Partner developed the traditional house further and brought it into line with the requirements of an embassy building is also explored by a special publication entitled ‘Schweizer Botschaften’ (Swiss embassies) by espazium. This features selected diplomatic representations from all over the world and presents the new building in Seoul in an interview with architect and project manager Nicolas Vaucher: “Our aim was to establish links between the two architectural cultures,” he explains.


More on the Swiss embassy in Seoul in espazium’s special issue

Read the whole special issue

More about the project


New representative head office for Schindler

In the Ebikon district of Lucerne, Burckhardt+Partner have turned the historic Schindler site into a modern campus and created a representative head office for the global company.

The renovation of the management building and construction of the new Schindler City Center with exhibition spaces were based on the highest quality standards, sleek design and transparency. Devised to underscore the optimum brand image and showcase the product, the architectural design embodies the Schindler brand – quality, reliability, elegance and precision.

Mehr erfahren


New building Poststrasse in Ostermundigen

In Ostermundigen near Bern, Burckhardt+Partner are constructing a new office building on behalf of general contractor HRS Real Estate AG. It is scheduled for completion by mid-2021, and will offer around 650 workspaces as well as retail space on the ground floor. The shell of the building is already finished. With the move to the new building, the main tenant, Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), will be able to consolidate its various administrative locations in German-speaking Switzerland at one central address.

The materials chosen for the façade are inspired by the local context: the metal elements are in brown, bronze-like tones and evoke the railway tracks and the former industrial use of the site.

With the new building, Burckhardt+Partner are creating a quality solution for an area of long-abandoned industrial wasteland, which represents the beginning of the urban development of the town and will revitalize the area around the railway station.


Go-ahead for new district Pointe du Bouchet in Vernier

The district plan developed by Burckhardt+Partner for the Bouchet quarter in Vernier, Canton Geneva, was approved by the Geneva State Council at the end of June 2020 and came into force at the beginning of September 2020.

The new district of Pointe du Bouchet, which is well connected between the airport and the city of Geneva, will be developed into a lively quarter with various uses: These include a hotel, offices and stores. A green public square is planned centrally, which will open up the quarter and also become a new meeting place for the residents of the neighboring districts.


Building for science

The new premises of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens are taking shape in a prominent location between the Deutsches Theater Berlin, the private collection of contemporary art known as the Boros Bunker, and the campus of the Charité university hospital.

Following successful negotiations, Burckhardt+Partner were commissioned with the planning of the new Max Planck research unit in 2020: this involves adapting the use of the listed sections of the building and installing laboratories in the new extension. The founding and managing director of the institute, Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier, has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

We are pleased to be part of creating a new home for the science of pathogens in Berlin.


Project with pioneering character: MFO-Park inside of DETAIL

The latest issue of the architectural journal DETAIL is devoted to the conversion of industrial sites into liveable city neighborhoods. The publication makes special mention of the MFO-Park, an innovative recreational space in the dense urban area of Zurich Oerlikon. The park helps improve quality of life for people who live and work in the area, as well as meeting a range of social requirements. Some 20 years on, this Burckhardt+Partner project to transform an inner-city neighborhood has lost none of its pioneering character.

More information on our MFO-Park project

Click here to read the article from the September issue of DETAIL


Burckhardt+Partner office Bern: 500 projects over 25 years

Burckhardt+Partner’s architectural office in Bern was founded on 1 October 1995. 25 years later, the team has grown to encompass more than 40 members of staff and completed approximately 500 projects all around Switzerland in virtually all fields of building construction.

Over the past 25 years, the architectural office has implemented a wide range of new buildings and conversions in numerous fields of business amidst strong competition. The best-known projects realised under the leadership of the Bern-based team include the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, Lucerne, and the construction of the Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre in Bern in cooperation with Daniel Libeskind.

Press release


In the architectural guide before the first stone is laid

DOM publishers (Books made by Architects) are publishing a new volume in their series of architectural guides: Schleswig-Holstein.

It is here, in Germany’s northernmost state, that Burckhardt+Partner are planning Kiel University of Applied Sciences’s new library and learning centre, which will be included in the freshly printed book before the cornerstone has even been laid.

The editor is Dieter-J. Mehlhorn, who worked for many years in architecture, city planning, teaching and research.

More about the project

To the architectural guide "Architekturführer Schleswig-Holstein"  (in German)


Berlin branch: Interview with Wolfgang Hardt and Carsten Krafft

Carsten Krafft took over the management of Burckhardt+Partner’s Berlin branch in August. In an interview, he and Management Board member Wolfgang Hardt talk about the importance of the Berlin branch with regard to the company’s development.

Read more about new offices, convincing solutions and successful cooperation in the 108th issue of Agenda.


Hard core – soft shell

Burckhardt+Partner have been awarded the contract in the negotiation process to build a new multifunctional building on the university campus in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In addition to providing workplaces for students, the new building will feature new lecture halls, seminar rooms and offices for the Ludwigsburg University of Education and the University of Applied Sciences – Public Administration and Finance. The new compact, high-rise multifunctional building is the first building you see on approaching the campus and, with its visible presence in the cityscape, stands out as an urban landmark.

We are responding to the requirement for a sustainable building with an adaptable floor layout with the concept “Hard core – soft shell”. This highly flexible building is being planned as a wood-based hybrid construction. The solid internal core of reinforced concrete in combination with the basement floor forms the backbone of the structure. All necessary building components, such as ceilings, supports and wall panels, will be designed around this as timber constructions. The core of the infrastructure is surrounded by six open platforms running along the façade, allowing the available space to be flexibly adapted to any purpose.


Another milestone for the “Dreiklang” new-build hospital

Since it was submitted in spring 2019, the “Dreiklang” competition project put forward by the architectural partnership Burckhardt+Partner AG and wörner traxler richter schweiz gmbh has been successfully developed to where it is ready for implementation. Now the planning application for the new build of the Kantonsspital Aarau has also been submitted.

In close cooperation with various user groups from some 40 different clinics and functional areas, the new building has been further optimised with respect to ideal, lean operating processes.

The architectural idea of a large pavilion in the park with over 100,000m2 of floor space has been further refined by more precisely defining and developing the design of the façade.

Find out more about the project



New building for the Biopôle life science park

On behalf of the canton of Vaud’s pension fund (CPEV) we are extending the Biopôle life science park with a new building. Construction works on the new office and laboratory building will begin in July.

The new building will provide optimal conditions for specialized life science companies on an area of 10,000m2.


Competition victory for Burckhardt+Partner: New residential development in Adliswil

The site of a former sports facility on the outskirts of Adliswil is to be redeveloped into a residential location. Burckhardt+Partner have won the competition to decide who will take on the project.

The urban planning concept for the residential development is marked by a clear building structure that integrates seamlessly into the neighbourhood around it. The fundamental design idea is a pattern consisting of three courtyards, each formed by three apartment buildings containing a total of 235 flats.

Find out more about the project


Residential construction in all its diversity

They are home to between three and three hundred eighty apartments, are cooperative and sustainable, but also personalised and exclusive: Burckhardt+Partner’s residential construction projects couldn’t be more diverse.

In the “Facts”, we’ll show you our apartment buildings from the past year in a new and surprising light.


Architecture Day 2020 in Berlin

As part of Architecture Day 2020 on 28 June 2020, the Berlin site opened the doors of its new offices to the public for the first time. A host of colleagues, experts, students, graduates and architecture fans of all ages took the opportunity to gain insights into the work of Burckhardt+Partner.

The company’s many and varied projects constituted the focus of the guided tours, with models on every scale being used to communicate architectural ideas and discuss locations and spaces.


Basler Baukultur: Series of articles about Burckhardt+Partner

Burckhardt+Partner has already made its mark on Swiss architecture in its early years. The online magazine Architektur Basel therefore devotes a multi-part series to Burckhardt+Partner's early buildings that were and still are characteristic of Basel and its region.

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New business card including sustainability for Coop

The Coop high-rise, headquarters of this major Swiss retailer, prominently marks the entrance to Basel’s Gundeldinger district by the railway yard.
Burckhardt+Partner are respectfully renovating this 1970s building, transforming a witness of times gone by into a modern office building: Inside, modern open-plan office environments are being installed. Outside, the new photovoltaic facade combines high technological aspirations with sustainable beauty.

More about the refurbishment during ongoing operations in the agenda 107.

More about the project


Dual representation: Burckhardt+Partner featured twice on Architecture Day

Burckhardt+Partner will be represented twice on Architecture Day 2020, which will be celebrated throughout Germany: the Brandenburgische Architektenkammer (Brandenburg architectural association) is presenting the new extension to the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam online, while the Architektenkammer Berlin (Berlin architectural association) has included the new offices of Burckhardt+Partner’s Berlin site in Moabit in its programme this year.

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Carsten Krafft becomes the new managing director of the Berlin site

Carsten Krafft is set to become the new managing director of the Burckhardt+Partner AG Berlin site. Having studied architecture at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg, the 48-year-old worked for different offices both in Germany and abroad as well as acquiring experience in teaching. In his last position he was a member of the extended executive team of Hascher Jehle Architektur. Carsten Krafft is taking over the management of the Berlin site from Reiner Becker on 1 August 2020. Mr Becker sold his office to Burckhardt+Partner three and a half years ago.

The board of directors and the company management thank Reiner Becker for his valuable work in setting up and progressively strengthening the Berlin site. Reiner Becker successfully integrated the renowned office, with its special focus on scientific, research and university construction, into the Burckhardt+Partner Group and continuously expanded its portfolio of services.

Press release

Portrait Carsten Krafft


Consistent name and new premises for the Berlin site

As of 1 June 2020 Burckhardt+Partner AG is merging its two German subsidiaries – B+P Reiner Becker GmbH and Burckhardt+Partner GmbH – into Burckhardt+Partner GmbH. As in Switzerland, the sites in Berlin, Grenzach and Stuttgart also strive to find solutions for architectural tasks on various scales that are demanding in functional and design terms as well as technically complex.

The Berlin site is being strengthened further in Germany, and has now relocated to new, larger offices at Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 14 in Moabit, Berlin, providing the basis for the next stage of its growth. The team in Berlin works across the whole of Germany, with a focus on scientific, research and university constructions, primarily for public building developers.

Press Release


Architectural vision of the Attisholz site

The April edition of Hochparterre reports on the opportunities presented by digital models in the transformation of the Solothurn industrial site Attisholz. As architects, we prepared an architectural vision of the Attisholz site together with Halter AG. From the very start, we used 3D models to simulate urbanistic spaces and to calculate cubature. According to Stephan Wedrich, Project Manager at Burckhardt+Partner and member of our Basel office's management team, this whole project is a pioneering one in the world of digital planning, due to its scale alone.

The 500,000 m² site is to be brought back to life by various uses. Here, pre-existing heritage-protected structures also play a key role, both economically and in terms of urban development. With the 3D model that we developed, different ideas and future plans can be visualized quickly and easily.

In Hochparterre, read about the opportunities that Burckhardt+Partner sees in the digital site model (in German).


Urban living space and modern offices behind a striking facade – a new feature on Steinengraben

In Basel, we are realizing an office-cum-residential building, as well as a townhouse, after winning a competition. Here, by the end of 2020, we will have created attractive living space and 200 modern open-plan workplaces near the railway station and city center.

The office-cum-residential building encompasses a renovated corner building, which is extended by means of a new structure. The rhythmized concrete-frame facade is an eye-catcher that allows the pre-existing building and the new structure to appear as one unified body. On the upper floors, high-quality duplex apartments with open living areas and views over Basel are being installed. The park-like interior courtyard, adorned with deciduous trees, is to become a green retreat.

In addition to the main building with offices and living space, we are also realizing a stand-alone townhouse with seven apartments.

Find out more about our architectural feature on the Basel street Steinengraben.


New learning center adds additional momentum to the transformation of the Kiel harbor area

This new library-oriented learning center is a new feature on the Kiel University of Applied Sciences campus. It is centrally located, right by the natural harbor Kieler Förde, in Schleswig-Holstein's state capital. The new four-story square building will open in 2023.

All of the learning center's rooms are arranged around an atrium. Its open-plan design allows visual connections to be made across all four floors. Event rooms and a cafeteria are to be found on the first floor. The learning center itself, with work areas for students, is on the second floor, beneath the two library floors. The structure concludes with a roof terrace, offering a view over Kiel.

Above the extensively glazed first floor, the new building is clad in a metal facade. This establishes a link to the formerly industrial harbor setting. Up until 40 years ago, ships were built here, as what is now the university campus used to be Kiel's shipyard. Thus, the new library and learning center is not just a striking eye-catcher on the campus grounds, it also adds new momentum to the transformation of the Kiel harbor area.


Learning center for students at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

We are planning and realizing the new teaching and learning center for the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. With its simple and clear cubature, its volume, and its positioning at the south entrance, our competition-winning project provides a new urbanistic stimulus on the campus boulevard.

With the elongated construction's utilizable framework, the inner structure and division of space in the compact new four-story building achieve maximum flexibility and multifunctionality, which also makes it possible to react to future changes.
Here, in 2023, students from various disciplines will find excellent conditions for learning. This new building has a workshop-like nature and invites students to make use of various communication options.

Get more information on the project


A school becomes a home

Burckhardt+Partner has given a vacant school building in Baden a new lease of life: an imaginative conversion project has created 50 modern apartments in a central location. The building’s characteristic features have been preserved and creatively showcased: the supporting structure’s diagonal tie rods, for example, have become a new design feature in the apartments, while floor to ceiling windows convey a sense of urban living.

You can find more details about the conversion project in the Badener Tagblatt’s article:

Badener Tagblatt 9. April 2020 (in german)
Read article online


Coronavirus: Burckhardt+Partner’s implementation of recommendations is exemplary

Since 19 March 2020, the building trade regulator “Arbeitsmarktkontrolle für das Baugewerbe (AMKB)” has been working on behalf of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft’s Directorate of Economic and Health Affairs to ensure the relevant Covid-19 recommendations are being observed on construction sites throughout the canton.

This included checks on three Burckhardt+Partner construction sites: the new SKAN headquarters in the Bachgraben area, the new premises of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) on the BaseLink site and the new residential development Spitzenrain in Aesch. On all construction sites, the hygiene recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) are being implemented in an exemplary fashion. As of today, they are displaying the AMKB banner confirming that “This construction site is FOPH compliant”.

The measures to stem the spread of coronavirus include: ensuring people can wash their hands regularly; observing social distancing rules on the construction site, in break areas and during transport; and regularly cleaning and disinfecting personal tools.

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Image-forming company headquarters with visitor center

For Borer Chemie AG, a technological leader when it comes to the production of cleaning and disinfection agents, we have realized new company headquarters in Zuchwil. This building is an architectural implementation of the brand’s slogan: “Borer advanced cleaning solutions”. It conveys high quality without looking expensive, and comes across as technically sound, but not chemically sterile.

Find out more about the project
Our latest issue of Agenda offers surprising insight into this new building


Victory in the competition for the new Dortmund community college

We have won 1st prize in the planning competition for the City of Dortmund's new community college in Germany. The new complex for the community college is to be built near Dortmund Central Station and the U-Tower Center for Arts and Creativity. As described on the City of Dortmund website, the successful design is a solution "which, despite its simplicity, will constitute a sustainably prominent new location for its users and for the City of Dortmund, in both a functional sense and in terms of urban development."

Find out more about our competition entry.
Find out more about the results of the competition on the City of Dortmund website (in German).


“Rethinking the architectural profession”: Interview with Wolfgang Hardt

Digitalisation, internationalisation and the increasing complexity of projects are changing the architecture sector and, as a result, the architect’s professional profile as well. In an interview with Architekturzeitung, Wolfgang Hardt from Burckhardt+Partner’s company management makes the case for taking an active, innovative and collaborative role in this transformation and exploiting what it has to offer. He also offers exciting insights into how Burckhardt+Partner is meeting these challenges with a comprehensive approach.

You can read the full interview at


Wolfgang Hardt at the JUNG Architecture Talks

Current challenges such as climate change and changes in population structure call for new solutions and ideas, including in the world of architecture. Delving into this topic, the JUNG Architecture Talk entitled “FUTURE. digital – modular – sustainable” took place in Weimar, Germany, on 4 February 2020.

At the event, Wolfgang Hardt from the company management highlighted how digitalisation is bringing about change in the architecture sector and beyond, discussed the opportunities it presents and revealed how Burckhardt+Partner is tackling the challenges it brings.

Learn more about the Architecture Talk


25 years of the Bern office: anniversary "Winterapéro"

This year’s winter drinks reception took place on Tuesday, 25 February 2020 – a date that matched the anniversary being celebrated.

In keeping with the event’s location – the Pathé Westside cinema complex in Bern – the focus of the evening was film. Guests were taken on a sightseeing tour of architecture in cinematic history and got a bird’s eye view of some of Burckhardt+Partner Bern’s flagship projects. This was followed by a culinary journey through the food trends of the last 25 years.

You can find a selection of the best images from the evening in the photo gallery: Browse through the photo album.


Topping out ceremony for the Cantonal Hospital Aarau laboratory building

Burckhardt+Partner is creating a new laboratory building for the Cantonal Hospital Aarau. The building shell is already complete: yesterday, on Thursday, 13 February 2020, the topping out ceremony was held after nine months of construction work. 
The new building will house the Institute for Pathology and the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, which are currently spread over several buildings on the hospital campus. 
The modern laboratory building features a modular design, allowing the floor plan to be flexibly adjusted as necessary, and accommodates workspace for 200 employees. The project is scheduled for completion in February 2021. 
The project is part of works to renovate the entire hospital campus. Over the next few years, the new main building will also be constructed, a project that is also being carried out by Burckhardt+Partner, in collaboration by wörner traxler richter.


Burckhardt+Partner among the top 50 European architectural offices

In the latest edition of the report Sector Review, Burckhardt+Partner is ranked 29th among the "Top 50 European Architectural Groups". Foster & Partners, gmp, Herzog & de Meuron, and Zaha Hadid Architects appear near the top of the list. Burckhardt+Partner has a similar ranking to HENN, OMA, and Heinle, Wischer und Partner.
To compile this annual ranking of companies, Innovationsföretagen (Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies) evaluates data on around 2,000 architectural and engineering offices from Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe.

See the top 50 architectural groups in Sector Review
Read the full edition of Sector Review



A little book about a big building

By creating Grosspeter Tower, Burckhardt+Partner gave Basel a new landmark. It is a continuation of this architectural office's work in Basel, which spans almost 70 years and has produced structures such as BIS Tower, the vivarium at Basel Zoo and the pavilion in St. Johanns Park. With their high architectural quality, these serve as key monuments to our era.

Built for the client PSP Swiss Property, Grosspeter Tower is Switzerland's first fully solarized high-rise, setting an example in terms of energy. It was first moved into in 2018, the year of its inauguration, and the last remaining areas of rental space are currently being fitted out.

Finally, a little book about this big building is now being released, as a result of close cooperation with publisher Dino Simonett from the Basel publishing house Simonett & Baer. Images selected from comprehensive photographic material by architectural photographer Adriano A. Biondo invite the reader to go on a tour in and around the building, with unexpected insights and views all the way from the underground car park to the roof.

As of January 31st, the book will be available for CHF 28 from the publishing house Simonett & Baer.
Find out more about the Grosspeter Tower


Contract signed for new Aarau Cantonal Hospital building

Aargau Cantonal Council has approved the business plan on the financial viability of the “Dreiklang” (Triad) development project. The general contract between Aarau Cantonal Hospital (KSA) and the general contractor has now been signed on this basis, giving the KSA’s new development project the green light to proceed.

The “Dreiklang” project, submitted by the Burckhardt+Partner and wörner traxler richter consortium, won a multi-stage full-service competition in spring 2019. The new development will create highly efficient operational structures thanks to the short distances between sections of the building and the ideal integration of the individual departments.

Find out more about the project
KSA press release (in German)


HSG Learning Center in collaboration with Sou Fujimoto

Together with renowned Japanese architectural office Sou Fujimoto, we are planning and realising the HSG Learning Center for the University of St. Gallen. On an area of 7,000 square meters, a place for students to think and work will be built, enabling innovative forms of learning in the digital age. The building will significantly shape the future and appearance of the University of St. Gallen. The completion is scheduled for spring 2022.

Learn more about the HSG Learning Center in the video
Further information on University St. Gallen's project-website

Satuday, 18 january 2020, Sou Fujimoto was guest at Swissbau Basel. Together with Jan Wurm (Arup, Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich (Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Stuttgart) he discussed new forms of collaboration an the relevance of an "error culture" under the keyword "CouraTecture". 

Watch presentations and discussion


Visualisation: Sou Fujiomoto Ateliers


“We have to be prepared to change radically”

The current issue of “Zukunft Bauen” profiles 30 innovation leaders and pioneer projects from the Swiss construction and real estate industry.

An interview with Oliver Schmid, Deputy CEO of Burckhardt+Partner, and Wolfgang Hardt from the company management, offers exciting insights on how Burckhardt+Partner are meeting the challenges of digitalisation, as well as on the significance of digitalisation for the architecture sector and how the architectural office of the future might look.

Read the interview (in german)
Read the whole issue "Zukunft Bauen"

See what digitalisation in architecture looks like at the Swissbau trade fair from 14 to 18 January 2020: at the “Mensch und Maschine” stand, our fully digitally handled new building project for the electrical engineering company Selmoni can be experienced using Igloo Vision visualisation technology. Be sure to stop by at Hall 2, Stand F34.

Further informationen


Agenda 105: Transformationen

Burckhardt+Partner’s growth was initially driven by buildings for chemical companies and banks. After 68 years, this architectural office is now a leader in Switzerland and operates internationally.
In this edition of Agenda, you can read about why Burckhardt+Partner is not only addressing transformation in the context of architectural issues, but has also curated exhibitions on this subject in Munich.

Agenda 105


Second place in the competition for the new building at the Eawag Research Institute

The Eawag Water Research Institute in Kastanienbaum near Lucerne is set to gain a brand new building. The purpose of the new construction is to improve operational processes on the entire site and create more space for offices and laboratories. “Nitella”, the entry by Burckhardt+Partner, was awarded second place.

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Basel’s Märthof set to become a boutique hotel

A charming upper four-star hotel is coming to Basel city centre. The architectural office Burckhardt+Partner has been tasked with redeveloping the historic building. The vision behind the conversion will also breathe fresh life into one of Basel’s most central squares. The interior demolition work is already under way.

Find out more about the project
Read Basler Zeitung's article (in german)


digitalwerkstatt to cease operations

The management of Burckhardt+Partner has decided to discontinue the business operations of its subsidiary, digitalwerkstatt. Over the past eighteen months, it has not been possible to fully exploit the potential of digitalwerkstatt, which has met with too little interest in day-to-day project work.

digitalwerkstatt will still fulfil orders that have already been placed, but will not accept any new orders. The premises at Auf dem Wolf are being vacated.

digitalwerkstatt will remain a registered company. Its tasks and the digitalwerkstatt brand will be incorporated into the structures of Burckhardt+Partner by a pool of experts.

Claudio Kuenzler, managing director and founder of digitalwerkstatt, will continue to provide services in the field of digital production under a new name.

The management would like to thank Managing Director Claudio Kuenzler and his team at digitalwerkstatt for all their dedication and hard work and for the good business relationship we have enjoyed. We wish them all the best for their future careers.


Award from the Prix SVC Nordschweiz 2019

Burckhardt+Partner was one of the six finalists at yesterday’s Prix SVC Nordschweiz and was presented with a diploma category award.

At the event held at the Congress Center Basel and attended by 1,200 guests, the prize jury highlighted the reasons for the nomination, in particular the company’s continuous and positive development over recent decades, its expertise in the digital sector and its outstanding customer service.

The prestigious SVC Prize business award is presented to SMEs for their entrepreneurial activities, innovation and sustainable securing of regional jobs and training places.

(Photographer: PPR / Manuel Lopez)


Burckhardt+Partner receives the Korean Architecture Excellence Award

Burckhardt+Partner was presented with the Korean Architecture Excellence Award in the administrative buildings category for its construction of the new Swiss embassy in Seoul. The Swiss embassy, which opened in May 2019, is a contemporary take on the traditional Korean “Hanok” house that also meets the stringent requirements of an embassy building.

Read the press release
Find out more about the project


Groundbreaking ceremony for innovative learning center in St. Gallen

Together with renowned Japanese architectural office Sou Fujimoto, we are planning the HSG Learning Center. The groundbreaking ceremony for this new innovative place of teaching and learning at the University of St. Gallen took place at the start of November.

On an area of 7,000 square meters, a place for students to think and work will be built by spring 2022, enabling innovative forms of learning in the digital age. A building that will significantly shape the future and appearance of the University of St. Gallen. We are proud to incorporate our sound knowledge and contribute to the success of this unique University of St. Gallen project.

Visualisation: Sou Fujimoto Ateliers

Learn more about the HSG Learning Center in the video.


Better positioning with new office

Burckhardt+Partner has welcomed around 100 business partners to the opening of its new Geneva office in the artists' district Quartier des Bains. Live Italian cooking, good Genevan wine and rhythmic jazz music provided a stylish and atmospheric ambience. This made it very easy to hold stimulating conversations and to make new contacts.

Oliver Henninger from the company management team and Eric Proment, who heads the Geneva office, gave speeches that described how Burckhardt+Partner has been developing in Romandy since 2004. They also presented outstanding projects that the company's presence here has produced, such as the recently completed Swiss Embassy in Seoul. In the new, larger office rooms on Rue des Maraîchers, Burckhardt+Partner is taking the opportunity to continue establishing itself as a key partner in Romandy.


Burckhardt+Partner nominated for the SVC Prize

Burckhardt+Partner is one of the six finalists for the Swiss Venture Club (SVC) Prize Northern Switzerland 2019. The award ceremony – which will be attended by 1,200 guests – will be held on Thursday, 28 November 2019, at the Congress Center Basel.

The prestigious business award is presented to SMEs for their entrepreneurial activities, innovation and sustainable securing of regional jobs and training places.

As part of the event’s coverage, a business profile was published in the ‘Basler Zeitung’ newspaper.

Read profile (in german, Basler Zeitung, 20.11.2019)
Further information on the SVC Prize


A future at Burckhardt+Partner

Yesterday’s National Future Day saw 15 young people gain insights into the diverse world of architecture at Burckhardt+Partner. They asked intriguing questions and received comprehensive answers.
Over the course of the day, they had the opportunity to sketch their dream house, try their hand at a professional drawing programme and experience the implementation process on a construction site.

There are many different jobs available at Burckhardt+Partner, opening up opportunities in a future-oriented industry:

  • Draftsperson with a specialisation in architecture
  • Architect and interior designer
  • VDC specialist
  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Commercial careers: Communications, HR, finance, IT, secretariat, property management and sales


Two new buildings for the Basel Mission

Burckhardt+Partner has planned a seminar building with a restaurant, along with a residential structure, for the Basel Mission. These two new structures join the mission building and spacious garden to form an ensemble that ensures further development of both the mission and the hotel on the long term. They successfully emphasize the leitmotif of diverse uses and activities, such as work, accommodation, community, education, recreation and faith.
At the press conference on November 14th, 2019, the Basel Mission informed journalists and clients about the new seminar building and the new appearance of the hotel, which is to be called ODELYA.

Read more about the project


Article htr hotel revue online 


Competition Entry for the Construction of the new National Concert Hall in Vilnius

A new concert hall is set to be built in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The “Tautos Namai” – “the Home of Nation” – seeks to meet the highest standards in terms of architecture, acoustics, integration into its urban environment and public life. Around 240 architectural offices took part in the international competition, with Burckhardt + Partner's proposal ranking in the top 25.

The design features two rectangular event halls housed under a joint roof with copper tiles to form one single unit. The space between the two halls, which assimilates the topography of the surrounding environment, was designed as an extension of the park to create a kind of public space.

Find out more about the project


Topping out ceremony for the new Selmoni headquarters

Burckhardt + Partner are creating the new headquarters for the Selmoni Group in Münchenstein, set to be completed by autumn 2020. The electrical engineering company is combining its offices, workshops and warehouses into one building.

An important milestone has now been reached – after almost a year of construction, the topping out ceremony was held on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, with numerous guests joining the celebrations. Throughout this project, Burckhardt + Partner has taken advantage of the benefits of digital tools. All planning processes with clients and consultants are being handled digitally using building information modelling (BIM).


The good hospital

Hochparterre presents 13 selected hospitals in its new special issue "Das gute Spital"/"The good hospital". Our project is also included: the Upper Valais medical center, which will reshape the Brig townscape with its striking high-rise. The bright, clearly laid-out foyer provides for intuitive orientation and connects all the hospital's functional areas. This makes it a point of identification and go-to place for patients, visitors and staff.

Read more about the project

Read more in the Hochparterre special issue


The Geneva office relocates

The Geneva office of Burckhardt+Partner will move into its new office in Geneva's art district 'Quartier des Bains' on Friday, 11 October 2019. The larger premises will allow a better structuring of offices, meeting rooms and cafeteria. With this relocation, Burckhardt+Partner Geneva is seizing the opportunity to further establish itself as a major and important partner in French-speaking Switzerland. The new offices not only represent growth, but are also an expression of new dynamism.

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Agenda 104: Bredella

Burckhardt+Partner is transforming a former industrial site, right by Pratteln railway station, into a new place to live and work. In the coming decades, up to 2200 people will make it their home and 1300 will work there as employees. In this issue of Agenda, you can learn what the new district «Bredella» is all about.

Agenda 104

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Inauguration of the new residential home on Belforterstrasse

On September 28th, 2019, Cantonal Councilor Christoph Brutschin and Cantonal Architect Beat Aeberhard will attend the inauguration of the new residential home on Belforterstrasse in Basel. This residential home, for 24 people who live with a severe physical disability or multiple disabilities and require a lot of assistance, can be visited from 1 to 4 pm. The residents will move into their new home over the days that follow.

The architecture by Burckhardt+Partner on Belforterstrasse meets the home residents' need for comfort and a private sphere, along with the requirements of modern nursing.

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Transformations: Talk with Thomas Behr and Kent Jackson (SOM)

The exhibition TRANSFORMATIONS by Burckhardt+Partner at Architekturgalerie Munich's bunker converts the hermetic building with real and illusionist views, a bar, art installations and dark beds with mushrooms. In this inspiring and extraordinary environment we invite you on Monday, 7 October 2019, 8pm, to a relaxed evening talk about the values of cooperation, trust among business partners and architectural culture.

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Burckhardt+Partner in der Architekturgalerie im Bunker

Anlässlich der OPEN art haben wir die Räume des Bunkers in der Münchner Altstadt künstlerisch transformiert​. Eindrücke von der Eröffnung, der Performance des Schlagzeugers Adam Weisman sowie von den transformierten Räumen finden Sie hier.

Auf Voranmeldung ist der Bunker noch bis zum 2. November zugänglich. Terminanfragen an:

Die Doppelausstellung «Transformationen» wird ab 26. September in der Architekturgalerie München fortgesetzt.

Weitere Informationen:


Transformationen – Burckhardt+Partner in Munich

From 13. to 15. September 2019, galleries in Munich will be attracting visitors to OPEN art with a varied programme. We are part of it, transforming a former bunker in the middle of Munich's old town: externally through an installation by the renowned artist Christoph Brech, internally into a Burckhardt+Partner-Lounge with photographs and projections of our projects. The ground floor will be transformed into an urban farming area by the ArchitekturKulturStiftung,inspired by the earth room by artist Walter de Maria from 1968.

An unusual and unexpected exhibition will be on show at the Architekturgalerie Munich between 26. September and 2. November 2019 under the heading #RAUMWANDELN. In three rooms we show projects from our 70-year history in different ways: in a mirrored room, in a video sculpture and with projection mapping.

For the first time we attend EXPO REAL, Europe's largest real estate fair, from 7. to 9. October. At the "Swiss Circle" we will be welcoming current and future customers for an exchange of ideas.

For further information visit:

Press release


Burckhardt+Partner wins the «S AM CUP»

We can not only do architecture, but football as well! On Saturday, August 31st, 2019, the Burckhardt+Partner team won the «S AM CUP» by Halter – the renowned football tournament for the Swiss architecture scene. With skill, team spirit and sporting ambition, our side prevailed against 23 teams and lifted the trophy in the fantastic setting of Basel's Landhof Stadium.


Agenda special issue: private clinic Clienia Schlössli

The new Building D at private clinic Clienia Schlössli has been inaugurated. Both its homelike flair and the fact that it faces the park landscape facilitate patient recovery. An open spatial concept and ease of orientation also generate a pleasant atmosphere for relatives and staff.
In the current Agenda, we provide a brief introduction to our project.

Agenda special issue


Chatting and snacking at the «Sommerapéro»

The VIP event in Gundeli, as the chief editor of the newspaper Gundeldinger Zeitung put it, is over: Yesterday, we were able to welcome around 500 business partners to Dornacherstrasse in Basel. Carefully coordinated floral arrangements, exquisite nibbles and food stations from different continents provided a great setting for this networking event. This enjoyable atmosphere made it easy to establish new relationships and to freshen up long-standing ones with stimulating conversation. In his welcoming speech, Samuel Schultze put it in a nutshell: "The Sommerapéro is actually a communication platform."

The speech can be read here

Browse through the photo album here


Housing for families: work begins on the Riburg housing cooperative in Basel

Three years ago, Burckhardt+Partner won the competition for the Riburg housing cooperative’s long-term modernization strategy. We are now carrying out the first phase of construction as project developer and architect. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in Basel’s Hirzbrunnen district on 26 June 2019. The attractive cooperative apartments, situated near the centre of Basel on Riburgstrasse, will be completed by the end of 2020.

The plan is to construct a total of 59 apartments in three-storey buildings with a modular, timber-framed style. The floor plans allow for a flexible use of space. The project will consist mainly of 4½- to 5½-room apartments ideally suited to families, but will also include 2½- to 3½-room apartments. The exterior spaces will be enhanced with an attractive open-space concept: the neighbourhood’s residents can look forward to spacious garden seating areas, balconies and animated courtyards.

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​​​​​​​Read more in the Riburg housing cooperative press release​​​​​​​


Agenda 103: Swiss Embassy in Seoul

The "Swiss hanok" in the middle of Seoul's densely populated high-rise neighborhood New Town catches the eye: Switzerland's new embassy building takes old Korean building culture into the future. In this edition of Agenda, our leading architects give the low-down on what a hanok is, what the Swiss version from Burckhardt+Partner looks like, and how one goes about building in South Korea when based in Switzerland.

Agenda 103


Visions for a lively district

In the coming decades, the new district "Bredella" is to be built right by Pratteln railway station for up to 2200 residents and around 1300 workers. On the site formerly occupied by Buss AG and Rohrbogen AG, Burckhardt+Partner is planning a groundbreaking urban development project for a new attractive place to live and work, in keeping with the times.

The ideas for transforming this industrial area into a modern district in central Pratteln redefine the locality: The interplay of various buildings with different possible uses produces a new urban space that is multifaceted in what it offers. Newly formed public open spaces provide a fixed structure for orientation of traffic flows, construction and infrastructure. In the course of the urban planning, which is based on the existing structures, two historical industrial halls are to be preserved and shall take on new significance, as buildings that create a sense of identity and have uses that serve the neighborhood.


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Swiss Embassy by Burckhardt+Partner opens in Seoul

The Swiss Embassy by Burckhardt+Partner in Seoul, South Korea, was opened on May 17th. The official inauguration was celebrated in the presence of high-ranking officials from Switzerland and South Korea, along with friends of the embassy. Our architectural office won the open competition for the new Swiss embassy building seven years ago. We are proud to have created an image of Switzerland abroad with this project.

The embassy building is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Korean courtyard house, which has now almost disappeared from the city center. The embassy building serves as a symbol for integration and openness, for that which is native and that which is foreign, as well as for the urban space and the diplomatic space.

Press release

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Genuinely impressive! Burckhardt+Partner at Open House Basel

On the weekend of May 18th/19th, 2019, over 400 people visited the architectural office Burckhardt+Partner on Dornacherstrasse in Basel. Those who took part in the ten guided tours through the office included many professional colleagues, but also families, who seized the opportunity offered by Open House Basel for a shared weekend activity.

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New building on the Roche campus in Kaiseraugst

The new production and office building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG has been in operation since May. This building, planned by Burckhardt+Partner, is situated in a central location on the Roche campus in Kaiseraugst.
The facade is clear and homogeneous, while the building's interior is characterized by technical complexity – because this is where small-molecule medicines (pharmaceuticals containing low-molecular-weight substances) are prepared and commercialized under clean-room conditions.
Burckhardt+Partner has created a building with a flexible structure that allows production processes to be adjusted at any time. It confidently provides a representative introduction to the production buildings on the campus.


Study contract for University Hospital Basel's new Perimeter B structure

The University Hospital Basel (UHB) Health Campus is to see further construction. The UHB wishes to prepare itself optimally for future developments, so the hospital invited seven offices, including Burckhardt+Partner, to complete a study contract. Herzog & de Meuron won the competition.
Our design for the new Perimeter B structure aims to reinforce, extend and connect the campus's various open spaces on an urbanistic level in particular, but also to form an ensemble in a triad with the two neighboring towers. The homogeneous architectural expression causes the two sections (base and tower) of the new structure on the perimeter of the former town wall to merge.

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Victory in the competition for conversion and extension of a historical hospital building

B+P Reiner Becker GmbH, our Berlin office, has won 1st prize in the "Bartholomäusspital" realization competition commissioned by the town of Hollfeld in Germany.

The task was to plan the renovation, conversion and extension of a heritage-protected hospital building, constructed in 1464, along with its garden.
For our team, the challenge was to establish a strong link between the pre-existing building and the hospital garden. For this purpose, the garden is to be raised to the level of the building, so as to generate a ground-level transition with minimal intervention. A multifunctional pavilion in solid wood is to be built, creating an additional link to the pre-existing building by means of its materiality. Geothermal energy is to be used for operation of the hospital and new pavilion.


The gift of a future: African school in Malawi

"It takes more than walls, roofs and books to educate a child – it takes a community." For Burckhardt+Partner, this African proverb provided the basic principle for the Benga Parish New Secondary School, and the motivation to take part in the competition. A settlement that represents development and growth. A village that embraces its residents. A community and a school that face each other and grow together. We are not just constructing a building, but an entire village.

Proceeding along these lines, Burckhardt+Partner designed this school in Benga, Malawi, and planned a complete little village for the children in this Southeast African country, one of the poorest in the world. This is an agglomeration of different uses, with all elements built in the same way: classrooms, dormitories and houses. They all arise from variations on, or combinations of, a single structural unit. A unit that incorporates and respects local tradition and circumstances.

The planned houses are made of locally manufactured clay bricks. Rainwater is collected in cisterns. Photovoltaic systems on the light metal roofs generate electricity. The ventilation functions in a simple and energy-efficient way: cool fresh air circulates through open windows, while the warm air flows out through the open roof structure.

500 architectural offices from 71 countries took part in this international competition. The competition project from architectural office Burckhardt+Partner was named among the 50 finalists!


Open House at Burckhardt+Partner

The second "Open House Basel – Architecture for Everyone" will incorporate the Gundeldingen neighborhood more strongly. Burckhardt+Partner expanded and converted its headquarters here four years ago, and is now opening its doors for a weekend.

The new rooms on the first floor, with a fully glazed facade, make it possible to obtain insight into the architects' work. Here, the concrete structure of the former store premises was exposed, creating a workshop atmosphere. The upper floor presents itself quite differently: the extensions and the heightening of the roof terrace were realized in wood. New interior courtyards with fig trees and a library have a character-enhancing effect.

Open House Basel / Burckhardt+Partner, Dornacherstrasse 210
Sat/Sun, May 18th/19th, 10 am – 2 pm


We build sustainably!

As architects and shapers of our environment, we at Burckhardt+Partner have a special responsibility to contribute toward an intact world worth living in – for people alive today, as well as for future generations. This is why sustainable construction is an important aspect for our company, anchored within our policy.

In the "Fokus" supplement from the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, read how Burckhardt+Partner has put sustainability into practice in three projects.


First prize for new learning center in Wiesbaden

Our architects in Berlin, B+P Reiner Becker GmbH, have won the EU-wide competition for the new teaching and learning center at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden.

The jury praised the winning design, saying it presents a building that has a workshop-like nature and really invites students to communicate. The inner structure and division of space in this compact new four-story building with 3900m² of utilizable area offer very high flexibility. Here, students from various disciplines will find excellent conditions for learning.

The new teaching and learning center will enrich academia in Wiesbaden.


Burckhardt+Partner, together with wörner traxler richter, wins full-service competition for new Aarau Cantonal Hospital building

The multi-stage full-service competition's winning project was presented during today's press conference at Aarau Cantonal Hospital (KSA). The "Dreiklang" (Triad) project, submitted by the team from Burckhardt+Partner AG and wörner traxler richter, was named the winner by the KSA Board of Directors, confirming the competition jury's decision.
Dreiklang – three dimensions in harmony. The building is divided into three main sections: outpatient clinics, functional areas and inpatient wards. In turn, as the centerpiece of the building, a four-story boulevard flooded with light connects the various usage zones. Short routes for staff, patients and visitors guarantee functioning workflows. The enlarged and redesigned hospital park aids the healing process.

Along with the whole planning team, we look forward to continuing our work on this fascinating and multifaceted project.
Read more
Press release KSA
Article Aargauer Zeitung


Extension commissioned at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics in Halle

Our Berlin office, B+P Reiner Becker GmbH, has been given the task of building an extension for the renowned Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics in Halle, Germany.

The institute, situated on Martin Luther University's Weinberg campus in Halle an der Saale, is to be redensified. For the institute's building, an extension structure is to be built, including physics-oriented and technical laboratory areas, experimentation areas with clean rooms, and offices. The research conducted at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics provides new findings in complementary multidisciplinary research fields from the domains of solid state physics, material sciences, information technology, photonics and neurophysics.

We look forward to this complex and fascinating task, and congratulate the team!


Ground-breaking ceremony for Aarau Cantonal Hospital laboratory building

The ground-breaking ceremony for the laboratory building to be newly built at Aarau Cantonal Hospital (KSA) was held on April 4th, 2019. In this new laboratory building, the Institute of Pathology, with its autopsy department, and the Institute of Laboratory Medicine will be brought under one roof, enabling improvement of operational processes and utilization of synergies.

The architectural office Burckhardt+Partner has planned a flexible-use laboratory building for around 200 staff, with a modular building structure that can promptly respond to future changes.
Completion of the KSA laboratory building is scheduled for 2021.

Press release KSA


Headquarters SKAN

This is what we are good at: together with our clients, we develop ideas and put them into practice. 
The new SKAN headquarters are a prime example: Burckhardt+Partner guided the whole process, from the planning to the site evaluation, right through to the search for investors.

Agenda 102


University of Basel commissions Burckhardt+Partner for biomedicine department's new replacement building

The tendering procedure for realization of the Department of Biomedicine's new replacement building is finished: The University of Basel is awarding us the contract to proceed with this work. We already realized the building's predecessor, the so-called Biozentrum, back in 1972. The University of Basel is convinced that we will successfully manage and implement this architecturally high-quality and technically complex project.

Press release


We are in Cannes!

Tomorrow we are in Cannes, France, at the MIPIM - one of the biggest property fairs worldwide. 
20,000 visitors are meeting up with architects, urban planners, finance institutes, estate agents and delegates of cities and regions from all over the world. Our Western Switzerland offices are present at region geneva's stand.


Winterapéro 2019

For what is now already the eleventh time, the Burckhardt+Partner Bern winter reception has been held on the premises of the Westside Bern Brünnen cinema. Oliver Schmid from the company management gave a presentation that guided the approximately 150 invited guests through national and international architectural projects from the impressive portfolio of all Burckhardt+Partner branches in Switzerland and Germany.

Digitization was the central theme, which served as a common thread throughout the event. Be it with an edible spread for appetizers from the 3D printer, or with two impressive speeches on digital fabrication, the interaction between digital technologies and traditional artisanry was successfully demonstrated. On the basis of the Pocket Park project, Claudio Künzler, CEO at the Burckhardt+Partner subsidiary digitalwerkstatt, explained the generative calculation of soil structure for the reshaping of the site in Kaiseraugst. In reference to practical examples, ETH Zurich researcher Matthias Bernhard illustrated how architecture today can be "programmed".

Browse through the photo album!


Roche high-rise in Rotkreuz added to HSLU architecture library

Under the motto "Swiss architecture from 1920 to today", the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) has set up an online architecture library. All students at the HSLU School of Architecture and Institute of Interior Architecture are involved in this academic project. The library is an image database and encyclopedia, which will constantly keep growing. At present, its focus is still on the region Central Switzerland: Burckhardt+Partner is represented by the Roche high-rise in Rotkreuz.

Link to the online architecture library



Spital Thun: Open day

On Saturday, February 9th, 2019, from 10 am to 4 pm, the hospital Spital Thun is to hold an open day, enabling the general public to take a first look at the comprehensive renovation work that began last year. On the tour, visitors can now view the first in-patient ward, as well as the intensive care ward. These wards were installed as a wooden extension structure on the terrace of the pre-existing first floor. The other three floors are also to be converted while the facility is in operation, which poses a major organizational challenge. They are expected to be finished by 2022. The client, and Burckhardt+Partner as architects and hospital planners, will attend the open day in person and gladly answer any questions.


Interview "Am Bachgraben"

"Cooperative residential construction is about providing a platform for life – and is not an end in itself," says Andreas Herbster, Managing Director of Wohnstadt Basel. What constitutes a good platform?

In our Agenda 101, you can learn more about the new “Am Bachgraben” construction in an interview.

Agenda 101


We are attending the Swiss BIM Congress 2018!

On Thursday, November 8th, our BIM experts will be speaking and answering questions at Congress Center Basel. They will provide insight into projects and explain their experiences with digital collaboration.

On the following day at 2:30 pm, our specialists Philipp Seer, Head of BIM, and Oana Bucerzan, Head of Digital Lab, will be giving a presentation called "From the Sketch to Digital Fabrication", to explain that, even in the age of digital transformation, the architectural concept is still the basis for good architecture. 

One hour later, at 3:30 pm, the project team will report on everyday work in practice with new tools and options, taking the Upper Valais medical center in Brig as an example.


Start of construction for new SKAN headquarters building

On October 24, a groundbreaking ceremony saw the start of the construction phase for SKAN AG’s new building in Allschwil, in the presence of prominent representatives from business and politics such as cantonal councilor Dr. Pegoraro.
SKAN AG is a market leader in cleanroom equipment and the construction of isolators for the pharmaceutical industry. Suva made an appearance as an investor in the construction project.
Four above-ground storeys will house fittings, the in-house SKAN Academy, a laboratory and office space. Construction is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Find out more about the project here.


25 years 100 agendas

According to our most recent customer survey, it seems that, even in the age of digital inundation, content counts and the haptic quality of a paper leaflet has not lost its appeal.
After 25 years, the quarterly insight into life at our company and into our projects is still one of the post popular elements of our communications. 99 agendas, 99 brief glances at the latest goings-on: in retrospect, they have become a diary covering 25 years in the history of our sector and company – a diary that we have browsed through for you, to celebrate the 100th issue.

Agenda 100

Links Agenda 100



Digital Lab / digitalwerkstatt / Virtual Reality / digital fabrication
All these terms belong to the topic digitalization. Find the Interview with our member of the company management Wolfgang Hardt.

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Sommerapéro 2018

Virtual realities, one-to-one conversations and excellent catering made this year's summer apéro another successful event, despite the already autumnal temperatures.

Browse through the photo album here.


Burckhardt+Partner supports the Hex House in Hamburg

In Hamburg's HafenCity, preparatory work for an extraordinary project is getting underway: the German prototype of the so-called Hex House. Within eyeshot of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, a structure that can provide living space very quickly and with simple means is being built for the refugee aid association Flüchtlingshilfe HafenCity e.V. The houses' concept and design come from the non-profit organization Architects for Society, which is registered in the US.
Our associate Stephan Wedrich is a member of this organization: «Thanks to active crowdfunding, material sponsoring and the support of many individuals, we managed to realize the first prototype for our project in the US, in September 2017. Just a year later, once again thanks to support from many parties, we are building prototype 3.0 here in Hamburg. This prototype's conceptual progression is particularly pleasing. This new generation is a modular timber frame construction, and the house can be assembled and disassembled with just one tool.»

Architects for Society



Our new member of the company management

Oliver Henninger, who joined us over 10 years ago, has succeeded Philipp Brühlmeier as a member of the company management team as of July 1st, 2018. With over 20 years of professional experience in Switzerland and abroad, he has all the skills necessary to master his new tasks. The board of directors and the company management team look forward to working with Oliver Henninger and wish him a successful start!


Biopôle Lausanne

Ten years after completion of the research building Biopôle III, we have been granted the privilege of realizing the northern section of the Biopôle campus. In this edition of Agenda, discover our project at the interface between city and countryside – at a location where the world of science and its players enter into an exchange.

Agenda 99


New standards in digital planning

We acquired the basel-based digitalwerkstatt GmbH at the beginning of June. This is part of a move to further expand our digital expertise and set new standards in digital planning and construction-related services. digitalwerkstatt is an interdisciplinary team of designers, material specialists and 3D printing experts founded by Claudio Kuenzler in 2010 to bridge the gap between creativity and industry. It offers services in digital design and digital fabrication with 3D printing, laser cutting, 3D industrial scans, design, architecture, advertising, research and medicine, physical models, prototypes, individual productions, small-batch productions and design objects. We look forward to collaborating on new projects! 


Success for the Hagnau-Schänzli neighborhood plan

On 6/19/2018, the Muttenz municipal assembly approved the new neighborhood planning provisions for the Hagnau/Schänzli area in their entirety. A clear majority of the voters in attendance (220 yes, 60 no, 12 abstentions) thus accepted the proposal, which is based on a cooperative planning process over several years. Alongside us as architects, the municipality, the site owners, the various communal and cantonal partners, and the local population were involved. This broad-based approach and the carefully coordinated solutions for the Hagnau West, Hagnau East and Schänzli sites convinced those attending the municipal assembly. The new neighborhood plan envisages six harmonized high-rises on the Hagnau sites, with a broad and dense mix of uses. The Schänzli site will remain undeveloped and is to be converted into a nature, leisure and recreation area beside a revitalized Birs River. We are now looking forward to the further development of the East site, commissioned by HRS Real Estate AG. 


International School of Berne at SIA Days

The participation in SIA Days with the International School of Berne was a success! We are delighted that interested visitors seized the opportunity to take a look at this private school`s new building on June 16th and 17th.


Grosspeter Tower is a winner

Represented by the client PSP Swiss Property, we have received the Faktor-5 Jury Prize, funded by Stokar+Partner AG.
For over ten years, sun21 has been awarding this prize as a way of honoring outstanding contributions to sustainable resource management and toward achieving the goals of the 2000-watt society.


Rehabilitation Clinic Bellikon

For the extension of Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic, the clients set three main objectives: to provide additional space, to develop a modern architectural solution, and to realize a building complex that is future-oriented in terms of technology and sustainability. You can learn more about it in the new Agenda.

The inauguration will be celebrated with an "open day" on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 – perhaps you will have a chance to attend.



Farewell Peter Epting

On June 1st, with due ceremony, we said farewell to Peter Epting, previously Chairman of the Board of Directors, after an outstanding 50-year career at Burckhardt+Partner AG.
He was passionate about residential construction and helped it to flourish again at Burckhardt+Partner after a long period of stagnation. He also saw the potential of project development at an early stage and promoted it accordingly. 
Today, project development is a key cornerstone of our success.

Thank you very much, Peter!


Topping-out ceremony at Loorenstrasse!

In Witikon, we are constructing 26 appartments in four compact buildings for the Vinzenz-Community. 
The topping-out ceremony for the project that includes appartments for students was celebrated last friday, march 25.
The project is to be handed-over by the end of 2018.


We have two competition wins to celebrate at once!

We will have the pleasure of renovating Collège Rousseau in Geneva and increasing its height, as well as adding an approximately 40,000 m2 extension to the Biopôle campus in Epalinges.

Collège Rousseau is situated in the Genevan neighborhood of Petit Sacconex and was built in 1969 by architect Alain Ritter. Our added floor is more of a lengthening of the top floor: a new wooden structure with a facade of prefabricated concrete elements incorporates the existing facade's motifs. This new story is devoted to science, with laboratories and a multi-purpose room. A new cafeteria is to be created on the "bel étage" and connected to the courtyard; a new documentation center is to be installed on the basement floor. On all floors, the classrooms are to be rearranged and renovated.

In Epalinges, we will complete the Biopôle site together with general contractor HRS. The competition was held by the Canton of Vaud and Biopôle SA (for whom we already built a laboratory building on the same site in 2010).
The construction project is divided into four sections and encompasses the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR), the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) Center for Personalized Medicine and Immune Engineering, the Biopôle Research Center, and a parking garage with 525 parking spaces, as well as public functions, such as reception, children's day care center, restaurant, café and fitness center, which are to be accommodated in smaller "edicules".


Grosspeter Tower at Open House Basel

The first Open House Basel was a resounding success and we were there with our project Grosspeter Tower.
Over 400 visitors took a look at this tower with its unique solar facade and enjoyed the view from the 22nd floor.

The SRF radio report from May 5th can be heard here.


3. prize at Prixforix

Another prize for our Grosspeter Tower: we have secured 3rd place at thePrixforix facade awards.


1. prize

We are delighted to have won the competition for the extension of Clinic Birshof in Münchenstein.
It is envisaged that the new building will encompass the in-patient wards and the expansion of surgical capacity, along with the associated diagnostic and gastronomy units.


Mall of Switzerland

Welcome to the “third place"! Shopping and entertainment in high-quality architectural surroundings as a recipe for success in a very competitive market? Learn more about the Mall of Switzerland, Switzerland's newest shopping and leisure center.

Agenda 98​​​​​​​


10 years Winterapéro Berne

On February 22nd, the team at Burckhardt+Partner Bernewelcomed around 130 guests to the 10th Winterapéro at Cinémas Pathé Westside.After views of icy depths on routes otherwise only known to meltwater, as provided by Dominik Osswald's team of photographers, journalists and mountaineers, there was once again an opportunity for fascinating conversations, as well as personal impressions from the interior of Plaine Morte Glacier through the VR headset.

Browse through the photo album!


New project in Augsburg

In a procedure conducted according to the German Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV), our Berlin office B+P Reiner Becker has been awarded the contract for "renovation and conversion of the cleanser building" on the site of the former Augsburg-Oberhausen gasworks. The gasworks' so-called "cleanser building" is to be transformed into a place of culture and music, providing rooms for non-professional musicians and visual artists.
To this end, comprehensive renovation and conversion work is necessary. We are delighted to have been given this fascinating task! 


Topping out in Seoul!

On February first, the "last beam" ceremony was held at our embassy construction site in Seoul. This typical Korean ritual was celebrated in the presence of numerous VIPs, including Switzerland's ambassador to South Korea. Much like the topping-out ceremonies common in our part of the world, where a tree is involved, the installation of the highest wooden beam marks the completion of the structural work and the transition to the fit-out phase.

In 2012, our Lausanne office won the open competition for the new Swiss embassy building in South Korea. The construction in Seoul will be completed during the course of this year.

View project details


New replacement buildings for Riburg housing cooperative

We have been awarded the contract for the first section of the Riburg housing cooperative's new replacement buildings in Lesser Basel (Hirzbrunnen district). A total of 59 family-friendly apartments are to be built from 2019 onward, with 2 ½ to 5½ rooms each and attractive outdoor areas.

Read more


NEONEON vernissage

On Friday, January 26th, we celebrated the inauguration of NEONEON by Jahic/Roethlisberger with around 100 invited guests. The neon-installation is now displayed permanently on our Basel premises and can be seen during our office hours.
The photo album from the preview can be found here, further information in the brochure NEONEON.


The plannable and the contingence

On Friday 1/26, a special kind of event will take place in Burckhardt+Partner's Basel office: we are inaugurating the installation NEONEON by artist duo Jahic/Roethlisberger. This installation was created on site for our entrance zone. We look forward to raising our glasses to it, together with invited guests and the two artists themselves!

Jahic/Roethlisberger live and work in Basel. Alongside neon tubes, they work with lines, glass, synthetic resin and, frequently, with contingency.



Lecture: "Innovative Hospital Construction – Quality as a Performance Guarantee"

On November 30th in Wiesbaden, the Academy of the Hessian Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners (AKH) hosted a series of lectures called "New Developments in Hospital Construction".

Wolfgang Hardt, Member of the Management Board, took part. As a speaker, he presented our expertise in the healthcare sector to an audience of interested professionals in his lecture "Innovative Hospital Construction – Quality as a Performance Guarantee". You will find more information on the series of lectures here:Tagungsreihe «Neue Entwicklungen im Krankenhausbau»


Grosspeter Tower

Three high-rise buildings shown on the front of Agenda 97 characterize Basel's skyline: Grosspeter Tower, which was only recently completed, BIS Tower from the 1970s, and the Lonza high-rise, built in 1962.
Around 40 years on from the new building for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), we as the architects behind Grosspeter Tower are now responsible for another striking urban feature.

You can learn more about it in the new Agenda.

Agenda 97


Award for the project Flor

The Swiss Sustainable Building Council (SGNI) is to present the SGNI/DGNB certificate in gold to our project Flor in Uster!
The certificate will be handed over on January 17th at Swissbau 2018.
SGNI is a non-profit association with the goal of promoting the sustainability of real estate and the built environment in
Switzerland throughout the entire life cycle – in planning, construction, operation and utilization.


Mall of Switzerland Opening

The Mall of Switzerland opens on 8th November 2017. It features approx. 65,000 square metres of retail, food and leisure space and is the second largest shopping center in Switzerland.
A key aim was to create a unique meeting place for the whole family with a catchment area spreading far further than just the region of central Switzerland.
Visitors can enjoy a high quality shopping experience enriched by a variety of fun food and leisure opportunities including the largest IMAX cinema in the country, a 12-screen multiplex cinema, a unique Kids Land based on Swiss themes and developed by leisure specialists The Leisure Way, the first indoor surfing wave in Switzerland and a gym & spa.

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The next prize for Grosspeter Tower

Another distinction for our Grosspeter Tower: In the competition for the Bavarian architectural award "Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2017", over 100 projects from 26 countries were submitted. Our project made it into the top 10!


Solar Prize for Grosspeter Tower

Grosspeter Tower has won a Swiss Solar Prize in the category "New Buildings"! The surface of the tower's facade comprises 450 photovoltaic elements that serve to generate electricity for the building.


Topping-out ceremony on the Hübeli site

In Aesch, 14 rental apartments and commercial premises commissioned by the civic community, plus 22 owner-occupied apartments commissioned by our subsidiary AG für Planung und Überbauung, are being built on the Hübeli site. On Thursday, October 19th, 2017, the topping-out ceremony for the new housing development Hübeli was celebrated with numerous guests.


We are part of the BIM Camp!

On 27 October the BIM-Camp 2017 will take place in the Maag Event Hall in Zurich. Our BIM-specialists will take part together with our partners from Losinger Marazzi AG.
At 5 p.m. they will report on their practical experiences with the benefits of 3D-modeling and information flows in the various stages of the project, using the Cery-project (new laboratory building) as an example.
The complete programme and registration details are given on this webpage:



International School of Berne

In Gümligen, south of the city Berne, we had the opportunity to attend to a special task: a new building for the International School of Berne. In our latest issue of Agenda, you can find out how we met the specific requirements of this place of learning and work, which serves around 400 pupils from over 50 countries.

Agenda 96


Topping out in Kaiseraugst!

After just eleven months of construction work, the building shell of our new LSL building was ceremoniously completed today, 9/19/2017. This production building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG at the Kaiseraugst site is scheduled to be finished by the 1st quarter of 2019. The process of putting the "Late Stage Development and Small Molecules Launch Facility" (LSL) into operation will then begin. Low-molecular-weight substances will be developed and commercialized here later.


Sommerapéro 2017

Fascinating conversations and excellent catering were enjoyed in our Basel office at this year's summer reception.

Take a look back on the evening by browsing through our photo album.


Live at Bachgraben

At the «Am Bachgraben» site on the edge of Basel, 68 cooperative apartments are being built.
The newly constructed 1-room and 4½-room apartments can be rented from December 1st, 2017, onward.
Situated near the open-air swimming facility Gartenbad Bachgraben, the spacious apartments offer magnificent views toward Jura, the Vosges Mountains or the Black Forest.



Every Thursday, we take a look at the past with our Instagram-Account: for the #tbt we search the archive of Burckhardt+Partner and present a find out of 65 years of construction actinity – worldwide!

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Our BIM experts in the press

Andreas Mast and Philipp Seer explain how large and small projects alike profit from BIM – and the directions in which the construction industry could develop as digitization progresses. Read more in the Tages-Anzeiger supplement from 7/14/2017 (german only).



Joining forces, fostering diversity

Staying on the ball and thus remaining attractive in a changing market means looking beyond boundaries – be they geographical or intellectual. At the same time, the local planning culture and the people behind the business are also to be kept in mind.

As of January 2017, Burckhardt+Partner AG has a new subsidiary: B+P Reiner Becker GmbH in Berlin. In the current Agenda, Samuel Schultze and Reiner Becker briefly take stock of the first six months of collaboration. We are pleased to share these experiences with you.

Agenda 95


Tec21 on Grosspeter Tower

Grosspeter Tower is the subject of the latest issue of Tec21: "Fassaden - Hüllen mit Hintergrund" (Facades – Envelopes With Background). Shortly before completion of our project, author Clementine Hegner-van Rooden sheds light on what its special facade is all about, as well as on the productive cooperation behind the construction of this new landmark at the entrance to the city of Basel.

TEC 21​​​​​​​


Day-to-day life with BIM

The special issue "FOCUS BIM & Infrastructures" sheds light on the development of BIM in the Swiss construction industry.
Author Thomas Pfefferlé asked us how day-to-day life with BIM is altering our work processes. Read the article in French here.

FOCUS BIM & Infrastuctures


Topping out at the Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic

The topping-out ceremony for the newly built section of the Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic was held on May 23rd. With its five upper floors, the new building harmoniously blends into the landscape, despite its size. In future, it will accommodate the therapy rooms, swimming pool and gymnasium, as well as the 18-bed hospital ward. It is to be handed over to the owners at the end of March 2018.


Buss site in Pratteln

In Pratteln, there are two neighboring sites with enormous potential for development: the Buss site and the Wasa site, which are right beside the railway station and owned by Mr. Hermann Alexander Beyeler. In this newspaper article from 5/15/17, read about how we are helping him to realize his vision for Pratteln.

Newspaper article form 15.5.2017


1. prize!

For the first time, we have won a competition together with our Berlin office! The Kiel University of Applied Sciences in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northernmost state, is to be enhanced with a new learning center. Before the takeover of our office B+P Reiner Becker, it had already successfully qualified for the process.
We have now been awarded the contract, which gets the collaboration with our new subsidiary off to a great start.


Foundation stone ceremony for the new "LSL" building

The foundation stone ceremony for the new "LSL" building on the Roche site in Kaiseraugst took place on Friday, 4/7/17. LSL stands for Late Stage Development and Small Molecules Launch Facility – a new production building for rapid development and commercialization of low-molecular substances. Here, substances will be processed into solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules) after completion of the building in 2019.


Radisson Blu Hotel Geneva

We were comissioned with the new hotel Radisson Blu in Geneva, situated strategically between the citycenter and the airport Geneva-Coitrin. The hotel offers 250 rooms, a ballroom, several state-of-the-art conference rooms, a restaurant with bar and lounge as well as a fitness and spa area.


Airport Zurich - access zones

Planning a project that is to be publicly accessible throughout day and night is not an everyday occurrence.

The new access zones at Zurich Airport are just such a project. The dynamic wing-like form of the 350-meter-long roof over the access zones conjures up a great many associations with, for instance, past holiday experiences, future journeys, farewells, reunions, or the fascination of flight.

Discover the access zones in the current agenda!

Agenda 94​​​​​​​


Wellness Travel Award for Hotel LeDomaine

Together with Office Marco Serra, we renovated and converted the former monastery complex Abadía Retuerta near Valladolid, Spain. In cooperation with Diener & Diener Architekten, we also added a spa and wellness area to the 5-star hotel "Le Domaine" that opened there in 2011.
Recently, SpaFinder gave this spa and wellness area the "Best New Spa & Wellness Property" award.

We are delighted to have contributed to this fascinating project.

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we are in Cannes...

We are in Cannes, France, at the MIPIM - one of the biggest property fairs worldwide. 
20,000 visitors are meeting up with architects, urban planners, finance institutes, estate agents and delegates of cities and regions from all over the world. Our Western Switzerland offices are present at region geneva's stand.


Winterapéro Berne

On 23. February, the Burckhardt+Partner Team Berne celebrated their traditional Winterapéro with about 100 guests in the Cinémas Pathé. After watching great impressions of the photographer Bernd Nicolaisen there was room for conversation.

Enjoy the photos of the evening!