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Renovation and conversion main lecture hall Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam

The Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences was built on the site of former cavalry barracks that were severely damaged in the Second World War.
The heritage-protected existing buildings were carefully renovated for use as a library and main lecture hall. The existing structures were supplemented by the new Institute for Media building with numerous laboratories, seminar rooms and offices, as well as the lecture-hall tower, as the most striking and, simultaneously, tallest building section. The neighboring main lecture hall is closely associated with the institute's building and is used as a recording studio, lecture theater and concert hall for 520 people. The old structure was reconstructed in a way that was not by any means true to detail, but so comprehensive that the site's origins become evident once again as Wilhelmine utilitarian architecture.

Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für
Liegenschaften und Bauen, Potsdam branch

Period of time
Completion: 2006

4.4 Mio. EUR