New Building D private clinic Clienia Schlössli, Oetwil am See

The private clinic Clienia Schlössli in Oetwil am See comprises a building ensemble that has grown over decades and is accordingly heterogeneous. The new building to replace the 1954 structure Building D coherently integrates into the ensemble. This winning project from the competition held in 2014 now interconnects the individual buildings appropriately and is nevertheless architecturally independent.

The four-story new building provides space for four wards, three of which are private wards and one a general ward, as well as various therapy rooms and a public cafeteria on the first floor. The ward office, the pivotal element of the ward floors, is in the immediate vicinity of the patient rooms, doctors' areas and therapy areas. This results in short routes for staff and patients.

The simple and clear cubature makes reference to the pre-existing buildings and constitutes a clear counterpart to the green space in front. The interior design, with natural materials, is warm, bright and friendly. All rooms are accessed via a simple circulation route that maximizes ease of orientation and brightness for patients around the light wells, while also providing a rich variety of situations. The newly built connecting corridor on the first floor, which leads to other clinic buildings, also completes the pre-existing circulation network.

Coordination of the supply channels on the basement floors was a challenge. The existing logistics channels connecting to the kitchen, to the laundry, and to the central goods delivery and disposal area, had to remain guaranteed throughout the entire construction period.

Read more about the interior design at private clinic Clienia Schlössli in the 09/2019 edition of Interieur.



Hinderer Liegenschaften AG, Oetwil am See

Period of time
2014 – 2019

Architecture, general planning, execution planning


René Dürr