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Competition for new community college building, Dortmund, Germany

A new community college is to be built near Dortmund Central Station and the U-Tower Center for Arts and Creativity. Ever since the Ruhr region was named European Capital of Culture for 2010, this site has been evolving as a location for art and creative industries. Now, in the form of the new community college, another aspect is being added, with a focus on education and culture.

The complex, comprising an old building and a new building, fits into the urban context and completes a perimeter block, thus defining spatial edges and clarifying the public space. The community college faces south, toward Park der Partnerstädte (Sister Cities Park), and obtains an appropriate address. From here, a sequence of different public recreational areas emerges: from the park to the entryway, through the foyer, across the atrium and into the interior courtyard with its green terraced landscape. These spaces lend structure to the program and provide areas that all the people of Dortmund can spend time in.

Inside, the construction's various uses are interconnected by the shared and naturally lit atrium. All seminar, technical and office rooms are accessed from the bright corridors along the atrium, which guarantees that all the rooms are easy to find. Overlooking Dortmund's city center, the multipurpose hall on the top floor offers a unique panorama and acts as a symbol within its surroundings. As a public educational institution, the community college visibly anchors itself in the urban fabric.

Stadt Dortmund, Germany

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