Competition for new high-rise building on Schwarzwaldstrasse in Karlsruhe

A disused site for decades, the area to the south of Karlsruhe central railway station is now undergoing extensive redevelopment and improvement. A new high-rise building acting as a landmark is to be constructed in this district made up of new builds, open spaces and old building stock. Burckhardt+Partner’s submission came in third place in the non-public competition with 16 participants.

The design of the new building – with residential, hotel and office space – takes account of various differences in scale from an urban development perspective. Along Schwarzwaldstrasse, the base part of the tiered structure picks up on the height of the heritage-protected neighboring buildings while also creating a transition to the recessed residential tower. This means the maximum height is used while also respectfully blending in with the existing urban environment.

Clear lines, simple forms and the subtle horizontal structure of the façade give the building a striking appearance as a new landmark. The high-rise building is bordered with a curtain-wall shell consisting of white concrete elements with marble aggregate.

The new building integrates the various usage types: The base structure houses commercial units and office space, above which are three hotel floors. An intelligent primary structure provides the greatest degree of flexibility on each floor for spatial modifications for the various uses. The recesses create terraces providing a high-quality environment for residents and hotel guests. From the seventh floor up, there are plans for micro-apartments which will make optimal use of the space.

All the various usage types have separate main entrances on the ground floor. The mixed usages and the various entrance and access points to the 23 floors and three underground levels will revitalize the local area.

Kreer Development GmbH


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