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Competition new 5-Star-Hotel, Residence and Spa, Engelberg

The historic hotel building is to be enhanced by five new buildings, comprising a hotel extension, a spa and three residences. These new structures form an interrelated ensemble within a landscape park.  

Here, the new hotel building delicately adjoins the existing structure with its basement story and also corresponds visually, due to its similar volumetry. Facing nature, the new hotel rooms are arranged around a building-height atrium.  
The spa area is connected to the hotel underground and opens onto the park as a pavilion. The three residential buildings are oriented toward the park. 

The park and the mountains are reflected in the new hotel's envelope of glass and polished stainless steel, thus providing a direct reference to the landscape. The "crystalline" appearance refers to two images from Alpine nature: firstly, the mountain crystal growing on rock, transparent and valuable; and secondly, the atmosphere of the mountain world with faint white mist, piercingly blue sky and intense shimming sunlight. 

The trimmed, modern exterior appearance of the hotel is countered by the warm colors and materials of the interior. In the communal spaces and access areas, materials such as wood, copper and amber invoke the atmosphere of a traditional chalet. 

The interior design of the spa makes references to solid rock, natural springs, light falling in from above, hot steam, rough stone and glistening water. 

Han's Europe AG, Engelberg

Period of time
2012 – 2012

Philippe Cointault Archigraphie
Raumgleiter AG