Competition new office and business center Pont-Rouge, Geneva

Urban challenges  
This project defines and sharpens the contours of the applicable neighborhood plan on which it is based. The challenge is to create a large-sized public space in keeping with the scale of the neighborhood. With regard to the future development of the Praille-Acacias-Vernets (PAV) area, a highly condensed center is envisaged at this location, so a public space of this size represents important decongestion.  

Architectural expression  
The building ensemble functions as a calming influence amid the heterogeneity of the future neighborhood. At the same time, the project formulates various elements within the facades: bearing and non-bearing, concrete or metal, profiling or coloring. These variants take away the volumes' monumentality and emphasize features on the large facade surfaces, whereby the independence of the individual structures is supported. 

Intended purpose and flexibility  
The commercial areas are arranged on the first floor. All entrances and signs are also situated on the first floor level, directly connected to the public space. In some buildings, two-story areas offer diverse possibilities for usage (offices or shops) or even allow the planning of higher-level functions (cinema or event halls). The office floors offer maximum flexibility regarding their individual design: open-plan offices, traditional single offices etc. A 135 cm facade grid not only represents efficiency, but at the same time it also guarantees very high flexibility when fitting out and arranging the rooms. The room-high glazing in particular also guarantees maximum daylight illumination for occupants who work sitting down, even on stories with great depth. 

CFF SA, Lausanne

Period of time
2011 – 2012

Philippe Cointault Archigraphie