Competition transformation and extension Clinic Königsfelden

The site of the Psychiatric Clinic Königsfelden is characterized by the heritage-protected main building and the spacious park. The historic constructions embedded within this site, which pertain to the legion camp Vindonissa and Königsfelden Monastery, form a unique ensemble in combination with the clinic buildings. 

The main building is not changed structurally, but is instead supplemented by a low three-story building at an appropriate distance. With its pavilion-like form and its outwardly opening courtyards, the new building integrates into the landscape park quite naturally. Thus, the site's main feature (the green space, which is important for therapeutic purposes) is drawn into the building. 

The new building's first floor is subdivided into individual "houses" with corresponding units. This produces passages and walkways that connect with the park's existing path network. The care units' character is shaped by the identity-establishing courtyards, which provide orientation and views of the landscape. The first story is glazed from floor to ceiling and set further back than the upper stories, which emphasize the pavilion-like nature of the building by means of a wooden facade with folding elements. 

All patient facilities are housed in the extension: the reception, the outpatient care, the therapy center and the day hospital's two wards are on the first floor, while the nursing wards are on the top floor. The museum, nursing school and heroin dispensary are situated on the first floor of the old building. The function rooms on the upper floors are to be used by the hospital management, the medical management and the conference center. 

Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau AG, Windisch

Period of time
2013 – 2014

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