Conversion and extension rehabilitation clinic, Bellikon

Great advances have been made in rehabilitation medicine since the commissioning of Bellikon Rehab Clinic in June 1974. Despite the extension and constant refurbishment of the present buildings, these no longer meet the future requirements of a modern clinic, especially in the diagnostic, therapeutic and public areas. In the context of a master plan and of the “Clinic Strategy 2015”, a study was commissioned to find solutions for extension and modernisation. 

The overriding goal of the concept is to remain the country’s leading clinic in post-accident rehabilitation in future. As part of the projected clinic strategy, this facility is to be locally integrated in an appropriate manner, meeting the highest quality standards. The building must harmonize discreetly with its environs. The concept provides for stronger visual links between the site, the clinic and the landscape, while new elements must embody a discreet design, but at the same time safeguard the clarity of the facility as a whole. The additional new areas or uses will be accommodated in a new five-storey building in front of the existing clinic. The upper termination will be located at ground floor level of the existing building, so giving an unimpeded view of the surrounding landscape over the entire length of the clinic. 

The restyled foyer is centrally located to provide the hub for the whole facility, linking the existing buildings with the new structure and also the ground floor zone with all the new levels. It extends as an extensively glazed structure across the new building integrated into the topography and creates a unique quality for visitors, both through its situation and through the extensive vistas. With its simplicity, the continuous façade underscores the comprehensive and peaceful character of the new building and satisfies Minergie-P criteria in its design. 

The highly functional character of the medical, therapeutic and nursing zones, the great flexibility of use and the good links between the nursing stations and the specific therapy and diagnostic zones are typical features of this project. 

SUVA Luzern

Period of time
2010 – 2018

Architecture, general planification

Beat Bühler