Conversion and new building for the hospital HFR Meyriez-Murten

The 1964 hospital building was extended by means of a similarly sized annex and a two-story therapy wing. The uniformly designed building complex, consisting of these three structures, is subdivided by projections and recesses, and thus responds to the small scale adhered to in the neighborhood. The large newly created park grounds, with organically laid-out walkways and places to linger, provide an attractive outdoor area for patients and visitors, and is also used for therapeutic purposes. 

The Minergie-standard building offers a modern hospital infrastructure and is state-of-the-art in terms of comfort, thermal insulation, fire safety and earthquake protection. The non-load-bearing interior walls and usage-neutral rooms guarantee high flexibility and adaptability for future conversions. 

The facade is characterized by large panoramic windows, offset against each other, with narrow ventilation vents. Bronze-colored strips and vertically folded sheet metal change hue as the solar irradiation angle shifts, causing the building to appear different at different times of day. The interior corridors are conceived as circular routes and include attractive lounge areas with views of the lake, the old town and the landscape for easy orientation. Oak in combination with light cast stone and colorful walls produce a hotel-like ambience in the shared areas and a cozy atmosphere in the patient rooms. 

Gesundheitsnetz See GNS, Murten

Period of time
2011 – 2016

General planning, architecture, realization

Winkelmann Architekten AG

Thomas Jantscher