Transformation & Renovation

Conversion and new construction: office-cum-residential building and new townhouse, Basel

At a prominent corner location on the Basel street Steinengraben, we are realizing an office-cum-residential building, as well as a townhouse, after winning a competition. The buildings combine modern offices with attractive living space near the railway station and city center. They are expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

In addition to the main building with office space and residences, we are also realizing a stand-alone townhouse with seven apartments. The scale, style, selected materials and facade structure of the new building are derived from the residential buildings in the vicinity.

The office-cum-residential building is being built on Steinengraben. It encompasses a renovated corner building, which is extended by means of a new structure, creating space for 200 modern, light-flooded open-plan workplaces. In the attic and on the fifth floor, high-quality penthouse-like duplex apartments are being installed. These offer open living areas and outdoor spaces with views over Basel. The park-like interior courtyard constitutes a counterpart to the busy street situation. This private outdoor space, adorned with deciduous trees, is to become a green retreat. The facade facing the interior courtyard also gives the place special character: Its metal panels are tilted to create interplay between light and shadow.

Facing the street, both the pre-existing building and the new structure have a coarse-pored concrete-frame facade. They appear as one unified body. The facade grid becomes denser toward the corner, and the attic story is set back behind the main facade.

With this project, we are adding yet another architectural feature to Steinengraben. On the opposite side of this street, we have already realized a striking administration building, adorned with a zigzagging transparent facade.

HRS Real Estate AG, Basel


Period of time
2019 – 2020

Burckhardt+Partner AG

Fontana Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, Basel