Conversion and reconstruction office building Rhône Monnaie, Geneva

The "Rhône Monnaie" building, constructed in 1975 for Credit Suisse, is situated in a prominent location between the old town and the Rhône in Geneva. It concludes the perimeter block "Commerce-Monnaie" and stands among the solitary buildings on Quai de la Poste. Due to its three-sided orientation, this bank building has a strong presence in the urban space. 

The reconstruction project leaves the existing support structure untouched, with the exception of minor adjustments for technical installations. The new elements include the redesigned retail stores on the first floor, the interior fit-out, the building envelope and the building services equipment. The attic floor is also redesigned. As a result of the redimensioning of technical areas and the slight protrusion of the facade, rendered necessary by the thermal insulation, the floor space increases. 

On six upper floors, office workplaces are located. The stories are freed of all dividing walls and the workplaces shall be arranged along the facades. This open-plan office structure is interrupted at certain points by special zones that can be used freely for working in peace and quiet, or for short meetings. Large meeting rooms and communal rooms are located in the middle of the space or oriented toward the interior courtyard. 

The attic floor is freed of all technical structures and chimneys. Here, a panoramic terrace, three meeting rooms, a lounge, and a large foyer with bar and café are installed. 

Credit Suisse AG, Genf

Period of time
2013 – 2016

20,0 Mio. CHF


Thomas Jantscher