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Conversion and redevelopment Abadía Retuerta to hotel Le Domaine, Valladolid, Spain

The Roman abbey Santa María de Retuerta, a Premonstratensian monastery, was built in 1146 in what is today the winegrowing region Ribera del Duero. In keeping with the clear Benedictine building code, the residential rooms, sacristy, chapterhouse and refectory are arranged around the square cloistered interior courtyard.In close cooperation with those in charge of built heritage conservation, the restoration measures and alterations were carried out with care and caution.The new space allocation plan was largely developed on the basis of the proportions, condition and original usage of the monastic spaces. 

The hotel comprises 20 double rooms and two suites in the "Hospedería."The modern and comfortably furnished rooms can be reached from the reception via a spacious corridor and a new wooden staircase. Natural materials, warm colors and precise lighting provide for a contemplative atmosphere. 

The refectory (the monks' dining room for Sundays and holidays) was converted into a unique restaurant by means of a modern and refined fit-out and lighting. The gastronomic kitchen and ancillary rooms are situated behind this, in the former work rooms. Meeting and seminar rooms with a modern fit-out are connected to the cloister on the second floor. The sanctuaries adjoining the cloister, such as the cloister garden, basilica, sacristy and chapterhouse can be accessed by the public via the reception. The cloister garden surrounded by the cloister was left unchanged. 

One major challenge was the integration of technology into the historic building fabric, with regard to its optical and climatic consequences. Temperature control was found to be an appropriate method of heat distribution, whereby the inner surfaces of the exterior walls are continually heated via two in-wall heating pipes at the base, all throughout the monastery structure. 

The identity of the monastery structure was preserved via the use of local, traditional handcraft techniques and materials, the most important being Campaspero stone, various qualities of which were used for the restoration and the installations. 

In the final stage, the hotel was enhanced between 2013 and 2016 by the addition of eight new double rooms in the former stables, as well as a spa and wellness facility. 

Abadía Retuerta S.A., Valladolid, Spain

Period of time
2006 – 2011

30,0 Mio. CHF

General planning, execution

Office Marco Serra / Diener&Diener

Marcus Ebner