Competition residential development in Rifertstrasse, Adliswil

The contractor wishes to redevelop the site of its sports facility on the outskirts of Adliswil into a residential location. Burckhardt+Partner have won the competition to decide who will take on the project.

The urban planning concept for the residential development is marked by a clear building structure that integrates seamlessly into the neighbourhood around it. The fundamental design idea is a pattern consisting of three courtyards, each formed by three apartment buildings containing a total of 235 flats.

Within the courtyard structures are three screened-off external areas that offer a place of retreat for residents. Between the courtyards are public spaces that connect the park and landscape areas in the north with the residential structures in the south. A lively open space will be threaded through the site from west to east, linking the courtyards together and lending the settlement a sense of shared identity.

The distribution of apartment sizes takes into account the situational qualities of the building and the needs of the respective target groups. The 3.5 and 4.5 room apartments are mostly located in northern buildings and are particularly suited to families and couples. They are closely connected to the lively outdoor spaces. The smaller apartments are mostly situated in the southern buildings. They face the quieter inner courtyard areas and the scenic intermediary areas, making them more suitable for singles, couples and older people.

Three basic types will be used to create varied apartments with shared qualities: the rooms are distributed intelligently to create practical residential units that offer generous living space despite their compact size.

Swiss Re Investments AG, Zürich

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