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New headquarters building for Selmoni in Münchenstein

Burckhardt+Partner have completed the construction of the new headquarters of the Selmoni Group for around 600 employees in Münchenstein near Basel. The project was preceded by an extensive search for the ideal site. The new building, which has excellent transport links, allows the electrical technology company to combine office, workshop and storage facilities previously housed at different locations in Basel’s historic center at the new site of around 20,000 m2.

The architecture of the new building is optimally designed to meet the company’s requirements, support its processes, and encourage the use of synergies thanks to short distances. It fosters interaction and communication between the various departments. This is clearly apparent in the central atrium where views into the working areas on the different levels are an intentional feature, providing an insight into the activities being carried out at any time by the various departments. The wood-paneled atrium, which provides access to all of the building’s relevant infrastructure areas, is also the main meeting place in the new headquarters. Terrace-like meeting points offer an ideal space for brief, spur-of-the-moment exchanges and discussions. The workspaces and meeting and break areas arranged around the expansive atrium provide an open and inspiring working environment.

The entire project was coordinated with the developer and consultants using building information modelling (BIM) based on a digital 3D model. This made it possible to use a new, high-precision technology: ‘Jaibot’, a semi-autonomous drilling robot, was deployed for the first time in Switzerland. Controlled by data from the BIM model, the robot carried out around 19,000 drilling procedures in the concrete ceiling.

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