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New production and office building for Roche, Kaiseraugst

The new building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG is the first building you see when arriving at the production facilities in the eastern section of the Kaiseraugst site. Positioned above the main entrance and visible from the outside, a production installation with the associated technology underscores its status as the first production building in the central park. The new building features a clear, homogeneous structure that is extremely flexible and makes complex pharmaceutical production processes possible.

The building comprises a total of six floors. The production and technical floors each form a unit, whereby the technical floor is above the production floor in each case. This structure allows production facilities to be modified and adapted to new requirements.

The cleanroom production and research areas are sealed-off zones that can only be entered via air-lock processes. These two uses are the primary purpose of the building. Central to the spatial concept is the visibility of this functional unit and its technical installations and its interconnectedness with the other areas of the building, such as office workplaces, meeting rooms and open communication areas.

The office areas are located close to the cleanroom production, guaranteeing short distances and efficient work processes. A technical-looking steel spiral staircase affords vertical access to the building and opens it up to the adjacent communication zones. This is an essential component of innovation-boosting workplaces, in that it strengthens informal exchange and facilitates random encounters.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Kaiseraugst

Period of time
2016 – 2019


Jan Bitter