Life Science

New production and office building for Roche, Kaiseraugst

The new building for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG provides a representative introduction to the production buildings on the campus in Kaiseraugst. The new building has a clear and homogeneous structure. Its interior is extremely flexible and enables highly complex pharmaceutical production. Here, small-molecule medicines (pharmaceuticals containing low-molecular-weight substances) are prepared and commercialized under clean-room conditions.

The building's uses are distributed across six stories. The production and service stories each form a unit, whereby the service story, with its floor realized as a steel construction, is above the production story. This structure makes it possible to flexibly add to production systems and adapt them to new requirements. Moreover, the service areas can be accessed during ongoing production under clean-room conditions. The floor plans in the building are clear: Staff can easily get their bearings. Flows of people and goods are efficiently organized. Production can be witnessed via lines of sight that guarantee insight into workflows for visitors and staff. In addition to the production area, the building provides office workplaces, meeting rooms and open communication zones. The infrastructure is selected such that production and office areas are flexibly extendable.

The seamless in-situ-concrete facade, with its structure adhering to the organization of the interior, combines two stories as a pair. The structure's panels are designed according to the uses accommodated behind them, and unified by the large-format grid. The applied closed-cavity facade (CCF) optimally meets the requirements of clean-room production. The building is constructed in compliance with the latest energy and sustainability standards.

F. Hoffmann La-Roche AG, Kaiseraugst

Period of time
2016 – 2019


Jan Bitter