New administration and visitor center, Zuchwil

The company Borer Chemie AG is a technological leader when it comes to the production of cleaning and disinfection agents. As architects and general planners, we realized the new image-forming company headquarters and visitor center in a rather faceless and heterogeneous commercial zone in Zuchwil. The building is an architectural implementation of the brand’s slogan: “Borer advanced cleaning solutions”. It conveys high quality without looking expensive, and comes across as technically sound, but not chemically sterile.

The centerpiece of the three-story building is the so-called technical school on the first floor. Adjoined to this, is a training room, which is also used for customer presentations. The office environment on the second floor is spread out around a light-flooded atrium. This new building for 50 staff is accessed via the main entrance on the mezzanine floor. As a consequence, half of the parking floor below protrudes out of the terrain and creates the impression of a roofed open outdoor space.

A large staircase in the middle of the building interconnects the three floors. In order to guarantee good light conditions throughout the whole building, the first and second floors are horizontally displaced in relation to each other. This gives rise to nuanced intermediate spaces, which offer different views. The mullion-transom glass facade contributes further to the good indoor light conditions. A surrounding balcony reduces direct sunlight and the associated warming of workrooms.

The new building was developed using a collaborative building information modeling (BIM) process in all planning phases. In particular, this also provided digital support with regard to achieving the design goals. By means of virtual reality technology, everyone involved in the planning was able to create a clear image of the future building at any time. Already during the design process, it was possible to take a virtual tour of the building’s digital twin whenever necessary, in order to assess spatial effects and architectural expression on site, as it were.

Our Agenda 106 offers surprising insight into this new building

Borer Chemie AG, Zuchwil

Period of time
2017 – 2019

General planning, architecture, realization

Roger Bucher