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New residential structure and seminar building with restaurant, Basel

On the grounds of the Basel Mission, two buildings were added. These new wooden structures join the mission building and spacious garden to form an ensemble that ensures further development of both the mission and the hotel on the long term. In combination with the mission and hotel, they complete the leitmotif of diverse uses and activities, such as work, accommodation, community, education, recreation and faith.

The anchor point for the site development is the heritage-protected mission building. In line with this structure, the two new buildings, which have deliberately been kept low, extend out from its southwest facade alongside the mission garden, a park-like installation that is publicly accessible and part of city life in Basel. Neighborhood residents, staff, the mission's visitors, education program participants and hotel guests all meet here.

The seminar building, a two-story pavilion structure, accommodates the restaurant on its first floor and a large banquet room on its second. The restaurant, with an exposed terrace, provides views of the park-like garden. The banquet room can be divided into three seminar rooms and is lined by floor-to-ceiling triangular windows. These indicate the static structure while also lending the room a special atmosphere. Here, the mission garden is seen through a multilayered wooden screen that envelops the upper floor like a dress. This motif plays with light and shadow in a way that makes reference to atmospheres in gazebos or pavilions.

A subtly sloping gable roof spans the new residential building – a simple, rhythmized structure. From the courtyard, access to the building is provided via a residential arcade, which incorporates the themes of community and the mission's social basis. The 2½-room apartments each have a living room with a kitchen that leads onto the arcade, a balcony facing the garden, and a bedroom.

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Basler Mission, Basel

Period of time
2016 – 2020

Claudia Link