New residential home on Belforterstrasse, Basel

In the outskirts of Basel, Burckhardt+Partner has built a residential home for 24 people who live with a severe physical disability or multiple disabilities and require a lot of assistance. It meets the need for comfort and a private sphere, along with the requirements of modern nursing. This five-story residential home serves as a conclusion to the meandering structure of the cooperative residential development Am Bachgraben, which came about through victory in a competition.

The facade consists of prefabricated concrete elements, which alternate with floor-to-ceiling windows made of wood and metal. Opening to the south, the courtyard and garden provide a private sphere, as well as a place where residents of both the home and the residential cooperative can meet.

The large event room on the first floor brings considerable added value for the residents. Broadly opening out onto the garden, it offers interesting views outdoors and a link to the natural surroundings. The first floor also accommodates therapy rooms, a canteen, administration areas and break rooms for the nursing staff.
The special feature of this residential home becomes evident on the three floors above, as well as on the attic floor. Each of these floors is a kind of shared apartment for six home residents. Here, a smooth transition occurs from the access areas to recessed balconies and communal areas. These become meeting points and complete the spaciously designed residential rooms.

Via incorporation of the residential home into the complex as a whole, and with the communal meeting places, the architecture by Burckhardt+Partner makes a successful contribution to the cooperative concept of the social mix in the Am Bachgraben development.

Immobilien Basel-Stadt, Basel

Period of time
2014 – 2019


Martin Friedli