New housing development Wasserstelzen, Riehen

The initial situation for the study was that the objectives of the landowners and investors were to be harmonized with the objectives of the Riehen municipality in compliance with the new building code, which meant optimizing the land price, the profitability and the usage of the limited amount of building land with a reasonable urban density. 

Three distinct building volumes, adapted to the existing urban development in the surroundings, are arranged around a spacious open area in the middle. 

The development concept places a row of two-story terraced housing, divided into three sections and with a recessed top floor, along the road Schäferstrasse in the northern part of the site. 

Along the street Rüchligweg, a three-story apartment building responds to the situation on the road Bahndamm, and is given volumetric rhythm by deep recesses in the vicinity of the entrances. The topography releases the basement story at the front, toward the street Wasserstelzenweg. Thus, the three-story row of apartments, which acts as a barrier along the railway line, appears as a four-story front building, which generates a mass balance in relation to the railway underpass and the multi-story Wasserstelzen school building. 

While the borders are occupied by rows of buildings which, in terms of town planning, pick up on, and continue, the typology of the local ribbon developments, the third volume takes up the theme of hall structures which are used for commercial purposes. On the broad eastern edge of the site, the "deep building", which also provides internal areas with daylight via interior courtyards and skylights, offers loft-like two-story apartments. 

AG für Planung und Überbauung, Basel
Batimag AG, c/o UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, Basel

Period of time
2004 – 2007

51,5 Mio. CHF

Development plan, general planning, architecture,
realization, sales