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New assembly and logistics building with offices for V-Zug Kühltechnik, Sulgen

Burckhardt+Partner designed and built a production hall and warehouse with an office wing for the manufacture of refrigerators on behalf of the Swiss market leader in household appliances, V-ZUG AG. The 19,000m2 new build in Sulgen in the canton of Thurgau provides the V-ZUG Group with modern, flexible production facilities for the expansion and long-term development of its refrigeration technology division.

The eight-meter-high production hall covers an area of around 10,000m2. Attached to this are a number of storage areas, including an automated high-bay warehouse. Its salient features are large, contiguous areas and an optimized flow of goods within the production building. The clever placement of the continuous and vertical access areas results in short distribution routes and a flexible structure, also allowing the production plant to be adapted to new usage requirements as necessary. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights provide for abundant daylight and create a pleasant working environment for the workforce.

The new building combines development and production areas under one roof. The production hall is directly adjacent to the three-story administration building with its offices, workshops and laboratory areas. The two buildings are connected by their physical proximity and visual references to each other. This creates ideal conditions for close collaboration between development and production and enables important practical experience to be integrated directly into the development process.

A photovoltaic system was installed on the flat roof of the production building, which was completed in 2020, and a built-in heat pump covers up to 80 percent of the annual heating requirements in a carbon-neutral way. Following the phased installation of the production facilities, V-ZUG Kühltechnik AG will commence full operations in 2022.

V-Zug Immobilien AG, Zug

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