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New building for Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe

Across from the Berlin-Südkreuz train station, a new building complex is being constructed for Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR), Germany’s largest municipal cleaning company.

Burckhardt-Partner’s design for the new neighborhood was awarded 3rd place in the restricted competition. This picks up on the theme of the Berlin perimeter block and presents the new development to the outside as a cohesive whole. At the same time, the outer edges are opened up to varying degrees at neuralgic points, creating individual solitary buildings with service and office uses. The basic polygonal shapes of the individual buildings derive their proportions from the surrounding building stock.

The buildings form the frame for the open space between them, creating a green urban canyon that enriches the entire neighborhood with its high amenity value. The greenery has a shading and cooling function.

The entire ensemble has a bright appearance, and each building is covered by a fine mesh structure that divides up the façades and frames the openings. The slight variations of façade detailing on the individual buildings lends each an independent character within the larger ensemble. Due to the recessed glass level, the inner timber hybrid structure can be made out on the outer façade. In this way, the new build also expresses BSR’s high standards of sustainability and resource management in architectural terms.

The entrance to the new building ensemble is marked by the exciting juxtaposition of a vertical high point and a horizontal building complex, the new BSR location at Südkreuz. This creates a main access square, designed as an extension of the station forecourt, around which are grouped the main entrances to the individual buildings. The first and second floor of the development are planned for public uses.

With the new build at the future location, BSR gains a prestigious, easy-to-find address beside the high-rise building. Already at the entrance to the foyer, the ceiling elements reference the basic timber hybrid structure. On the upper floors, the visible timber hybrid support structure is the principal feature. This is where the rooms for flexible-use, contemporary working environments are located.

Spread across all floors are versatile communication zones aligned with the new green urban canyon, that offer the occupants space for agile working, informal exchange and the requisite opportunity for privacy. A semicircular spiral staircase connects the communication areas with each other. The (semi-)circular shape is as an underlying motif throughout the building, emphasizing special moments and providing orientation. Interior and exterior spaces are connected on all levels. Towards the inside, experiential areas are created for the staff and, at the same time, these reflect the BSR’s new working philosophy to the outside world.

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