New building for Ministry of Finance North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf

The center of the government district in downtown Düsseldorf is being upgraded in line with urban planning policy. In the non-public competition for a new building for the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia, the design by Burckhardt+Partner was awarded a commendation. The design picks up on the basic idea of the preceding urban planning competition, further elaborating on it from an architectural point of view.

Two structures, a high-rise and an atrium building, are linked by a common base, which houses publicly accessible areas such as restaurants/cafés and a library. These represent a transition from urban space to the semi-public spaces of the conference center, which is housed on the first upper level of the base building. Two atriums serve as waiting and lounge areas, but can also be used by staff for informal meetings or for new forms of working.

The high-rise building houses the Ministry of Finance, while the lower atrium building provides office space for two other tenants. The offices are arranged on each floor in the required organizational units of 25 to 35 staff. They are connected along the façade by stairs and open communication zones. With their abundant natural light and greenery, these interior spaces offer an attractive setting for people to mingle and talk, and are visible features of the façade.

The uppermost section of both buildings is occupied by the Ministry, each surrounded by a roof terrace with a garden.

The basement and base levels are constructed as reinforced concrete structures that permit the required large spans. The upper floors of the high-rise and the atrium building are constructed in a timber hybrid design: columns, beams and the façade construction are all load-bearing timber constructions. Photovoltaic modules will be installed on parts of the façade and on the roofs.

Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW

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