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New buildings Flon-Pépinières, Lausanne

Located in the heart of Lausanne, the Flon area is characterized first and foremost by its excellent situation: built on the old Flon River, on an artificial platform above the channelled river, it is characterized, on the one hand, by its orthogonal layout and on the other hand, the roof level corresponds perfectly to the depth of the valley. These two reference levels constitute one of the emblematic elements of the site. 

The project envisages three buildings (A, B, C), which reproduce the various formats of existing blocks, thus discreetly transplanting themselves into the present surroundings. Building A is adjacent to the Jazz School (EJMA), which leans against a shared main wall and will constitute the extension of the Jazz School. Building B will reproduce the aspect and size of the small typical buildings which existed in the industrial times of the Flon district. Building C, which is bigger than A or B, redefines the southern facade of the Flon Esplanade. Building C will be the main building of the whole project, both by its position and by its size. The alignment of these three volumes fall under the prolongation of the existing facades, while the inflections of the ground floors favour mutual exchange between the interior and exterior, by creating entrance areas which will be protected by the shop-front windows. 

The project proposed by the Client aims to develop a genuine mixture of assignments which will respect the true spirit of the new Flon district. Firstly, entertainment provided by the bowling alleys and the discotheque; the provision of culture and training in the concert hall and the school of music; catering services with several bars and restaurants; shops for the ground floors and last but not least, another building with an excellent opportunity for mixed office and residential use. 

Mobimo Management AG, Lausanne

Period of time
2011 – 2014

30,0 Mio. CHF

Architecture, realisation 

Thomas Jantscher