New cantonal hospital Zug, Baar

The objective of this project was to create a modern healthcare competence center which offers high quality for staff, patients and visitors according to today's standards and can also achieve this in the future. 

The project layout was subdivided, according to its functions, into three spatially autonomous and independent, clearly structured and compact construction volumes. The triad of central hospital, care center and parking deck forms a new, precise and urban ensemble. 

Due to the clear positioning and the very moderate building height, the hospital blends into this ensemble well, without dominating. The hospital shows itself to be an identifiable, clearly defined structure which appears compact, but nevertheless open, due to its transparent glass facade. 

The compact nature of the structure enabled short, clearly laid-out routes to be established for the complex room layout, which are a key prerequisite for efficient procedures and thus for the economic viability of a hospital. From the spacious, friendly entrance hall, in which it is easy to get one's bearings, visitors and patients can proceed directly to the treatment areas and nursing stations. The impressive entrance area simultaneously acts as the healthcare center's public image and calling card. 

Courtyards and recesses ensure plenty of daylight for the work rooms and access areas. The connecting routes for staff, for bed transport, for supply and for disposal, are situated at the rear of the building. Emergency patients enter the hospital via a separate side entrance. Thus, all routes are kept separate from each other in a simple manner. 

This new building has emerged as a functional building with a pleasant atmosphere, which demonstrates that high-quality architecture can also contribute to the quality of care. 

Canton Zug

Period of time
2002 – 2008


Heinle Wischer Partner 

Markus Fischer