Research & Education

New City and State Library with community college and science center, Potsdam

This, the state capital's storehouse of knowledge, is a combination of key knowledge institutions: library, community college and "ProWissen", a consortium of scientific establishments in the state Brandenburg.The 1974 building was one of the most modern libraries in the former GDR and part of the socialist urbanistic replanning of the inner city.
The fact that this is the only GDR structure to be included in the historical town plan that is currently being restored, gives it a high status in terms of urban development.

After removal of everything but its basic structure, the building was given a facade reminiscent of a bookshelf.
Functional units pertaining to the community college and state library are positioned within the existing structures using a radial language of forms. The result is a comprehensive spatial experience, characterized by its openness. The environmental and energy concept meets today's highest possible standard.

Kommunaler Immobilien Service,
owned and operated by State Capital Potsdam

Period of time
2009 – 2013

17.0 Mio EUR

Werner Huthmacher