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New Coastal Competence Center, Geesthacht

The Institute of Materials Research, the Institute of Polymer Research and the Institute of Coastal Research are located on a campus-like site that has evolved in Geesthacht.

With comprehensive institutional restructuring, the establishment of new research topics, and a shift of focus in research, the intention is to bring the research buildings into line with state-of-the-art technology and, on the whole, to open up more to an external, public, user clientele. In this first phase, the top priority is urbanistic repair. In two areas, the existing structure is supplemented and significantly altered. The laboratory extension, added to Building 14, and the new development north of Building 11 are the two elements that define this campus. Building 14's extension performs two urbanistic functions: Firstly, via its new architectural form, it defines the future architectural language on the campus. Secondly, via its position, it establishes a visible location with respect to Max-Planck-Straße. As if by chance, the interplay between this new building and its counterpart, Building 11, creates a gateway situation: the entrance to the coastal research campus.

The design of the facades provides the nucleus for the establishment of a corporate identity for the buildings at the HZG research center in Geesthacht. The materials used for the new facades, but also the open spaces, make reference to what was already in place, allowing clinker and concrete to be used, for instance. In the outdoor space, wood plays an important role.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

Period of time 
2013 – 2016

B+P Reiner Becker GmbH