New construction, conversion and renovation for the Upper Valais medical center, Brig

The objective of this project is to lay the structural foundations for converging the services on offer at the Upper Valais Medical Centre in Brig. In 2015, a public call for project proposals was launched with the aim of creating a patient-friendly environment with convenient features and a good, contemporary design. The objective is to create a functional, employee-friendly piece of infrastructure in which operating processes can run smoothly and effectively. The jury unanimously voted the “United” proposal submitted by the Burckhardt+Partner architectural office as the winner.

The hospital’s building structure dates back to the 1970s. Under the proposal, the existing base construction will be extended and restructured, with the distinctive design features found in the existing rotunda being retained in the striking new building. Together with the extended base construction and the newly created park in the southern area of the site, the end product will create an urban identity, transforming the new Upper Valais Medical Centre into a key urban element of the city of Brig.

A generous access area will open the new hospital up to the city, while additional parks and grassy areas will offer extensive outdoor areas.

The newly organised ground floor will act as the operational hub of the hospital, its design meeting stringent requirements to ensure that the building has an outstanding ambience, is clearly laid out, and offers intuitive routes to the individual operating units. The compact new nine-storey high-rise will connect to the existing rotunda. This extension will house the accident and emergency department, day hospital/oncology, orthopaedic/surgical/rehab wards, operating rooms, gynaecology, ICU/intermediate care wards, inpatient wards and psychiatry. On the roof is a helicopter pad with three landing spaces.

Valais Hospital, Brig 

Period of time 
2016 – 2028


Burckhardt+Partner AG