New construction, conversion and renovation for the Upper Valais medical center, Brig

The Upper Valais medical center comprises two sites: in Brig and Visp. As part of new hospital planning, a decision was made in 2014 to pool all of the Upper Valais medical center's medical services at the Brig site. Brig Hospital's built structure is from the 1970s. In order to find the structural solution for the future Brig Hospital, an open competition was held. Burckhardt+Partner's project proposal "United" emerged as the winner of this architectural competition.

The project's urbanistic and architectural approach is based on three volumes: an extended and completely reorganized base structure, a new nine-story high-rise, and the renovated cylindrical inpatient wing. Despite the significant increase in floor space, a tidy situation is achieved here, which also provides open spaces for later developments. The new medical center will reshape the Brig townscape by means of its striking high-rise.

With a spacious entrance area, the hospital opens up toward the town, while the park grounds provide extensive outdoor spaces. The bright, clearly laid-out foyer allows intuitive orientation and connects all the hospital's functional areas. As a kind of "hospital street", it constitutes the operational hub and provides for patient-friendly orientation with short routes. It becomes a point of identification and go-to place for patients, visitors and staff. Optimized operational flows and clearly separated traffic streams, along with customer-friendly modern design and furnishings, meet the requirements of the future Brig Hospital.

Valais Hospital, Brig 

Period of time 
2016 – 2025


Burckhardt+Partner AG
VIZE s.r.o.