New headquarters Europe, Etoy

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the world’s leading drive and control technology enterprise, has established its new European Headquarters at Etoy (VD). This new headquarters serves primarily as a platform for the exchange of information and for internal training on a Europewide basis (115 branch establishments in 22 countries). Inaugurated in May 2010, the administrative building is characterized by an understated appearance and a high standard of finish. 

Burckhardt+Partner AG developed the building with high architectonic quality and a representative character in cooperation with Parker’s American house architects (WRL). The workplaces for the 150 staff members are located in individual offices along the facades and in multi-occupancy office spaces in the central zone. Partition walls glazed from floor ceiling between the individual and multiple offices impart a high degree of transparency to the building. The furniture has been especially developed to meet the needs of the users. An auditorium for 100 persons is located around a central core linked to the reception hall, together with the company restaurant, the board room, the exhibition space and the conference and training rooms. 

The building has been located in the upper section of the plot of land to leave an open space facing the lake and room for subsequent expansion. 

To attenuate the noise generated by the motorway, the sound insulation for the building has been designed with an elegant compact twin-shell element façade glazed over the entire height of the building. It is back-ventilated and consists of internal double glazing, an external acoustic baffle and intervening protection against strong sunlight. 

As the ground water level is located just a few meters below the soil surface, a reversible heat pump has been installed which can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter via a thermo-active ceiling system. 

The architecture of the new building reflects the precision with which Parker manufactures its own products. 

Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cleveland, USA

Period of time
2007 – 2010

31,0 Mio. CHF


Westlake Reed Leskosky

Thomas Jantscher