New housing development Chemin du Chasseron, Lausanne

The site of this new residential development on the street Chemin de Chasseron is situated in the west of Lausanne. The southward slope of this corner parcel offers a magnificent view of Lake Geneva. The building has seven floors, including two attic floors. Seventeen condominium apartments are for sale, ranging from the studio to the four-room apartment. 

For the apartments on the first floor, the living space is extended by private gardens and provides room to play. Two apartments per floor are accessed from the central stair core. In this way not only the living rooms, but also most of the bathrooms benefit from natural light. The first basement floor accommodates the underground garage and equipment rooms. The basement compartments are on the second basement floor. 
The lower of the two attic floors is characterized by a sloping facade and dormer windows, and is complemented by a penthouse floor, situated on top of it. As this floor's facade is set further back, spacious terrace areas are created. 
The building's support structure is made of reinforced concrete and consists of an inner core around the stairwell, plus a load-bearing facade. The facades, with their large floor-to-ceiling windows, are clad with gray-blue enameled ceramic elements, which lend the building a subtle elegance. Thanks to the solar energy system, 30% of the required electricity can be generated on site, so this project is also sustainable from an environmental perspective. 

Tk3 AG, Basel

Period of time
2016 – 2018

Architecture, general planning 

Philippe Cointault