New housing development Kirchgasse, Jegenstorf

The residential development with 20 owner-occupied apartments is located in the heart of Jegenstorf tucked in among Bernstrasse, Kirchgasse, the castle and the church. Around a funnel-shaped, multifunctional inner court, six residential buildings face each other in a special proximity suitable for the site. Their arrangement takes the estate structure into consideration and allows for transition paths and views typical for the village. 

The uniform structure of the façade with thin vertical wood strips in the imposing structure is inserted harmoniously into the surroundings and signals a transition from a rural-traditional building style to something more modern. The largely closed north-facing façades offer shelter and protection from the effects of weather. The fully glazed southern face orients the residences to the sun and warmth. The spacious balconies allow direct access to open space and nature. Strong, well-developed light and shade contrasts coming through the sweeping veranda, establish a direct relationship with the mighty hipped and gabled rooflines of the surrounding buildings. The settlement roofs have been extensively planted and act as a temporary catch basin for the rainfall. 

The fine scalability of the 4 buildings, the low, two-story plus attic dimensioned structures each contain 5 residences: an attic apartment with a larger roof terrace, 5½, 4½, 3½ and 2½-room apartments with large balconies or garden terraces. 

Pirit AG, Köniz

Period of time
2005 – 2009

10,5 Mio. CHF

General planning, architecture 

Michel Jaussi