New housing development schorenstadt, Basel

In the district Hirzbrunnen, the new residential estate "schorenstadt", consisting of 43 terraced houses and two apartment buildings with 22 owner-occupied apartments, was completed by spring 2014. This project is conceived in compliance with the criteria of the 2000-watt society and certified as per Minergie-P-Eco, thus enabling sustainable, natural living near the center of Basel. 

The Burckhardt+Partner AG project emerged as the winner of a study contract. It impressed with its urbanly sophisticated arrangement of construction volumes which allow maximum privacy despite a dense design. Gardens, spacious roof terraces and balconies form private outdoor spaces. 

The smaller of the two apartment buildings is situated in the northern part of the site. The loft-like floor plans with generous, unusual room heights, can be freely subdivided. The terraced studios along the curving track can be used flexibly for living or working. At the center of the site, there are three rows of terraced housing with different typologies. The first floor and the adjoining garden are raised slightly above the surrounding terrain, thus guaranteeing the private sphere. The southern end of the building complex is formed by the second apartment building. The spacious apartments benefit from being oriented toward the morning and evening sun. 

The facades' uniform selection of materials and coloration, with pre-grayed wooden shingles, makes a significant contribution to the homogeneous appearance of "schorenstadt". The whole building complex is realized by means of a timber construction method. 

Implenia Development AG, Basel

Period of time
2010 – 2015

48 Mio. CHF

Architecture, sales

Tom Bisig
Derek Li Wan Po