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New learning center for KIT campus south, Karlsruhe

In order to accommodate the number of pupils graduating from high school in 2012, which was twice the normal number, a new building was constructed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for use by the Department of Chemistry and Biosciences, as well as by bioengineers, with space for around 200 students. The centerpiece of this learning center is an open three-story area, where students can meet, discuss and work. In addition, traineeship facilities for chemistry and biology are provided, along with areas for seminars and student work.

The learning center, newly built in 2012, is situated at an intersection on the campus, which is frequently visited from all sides. The chosen focal aspect of the 2012 learning center, the transition zone between interior and exterior, is positioned at the point where the east-west flows of motion between the lecture theater and the Institute of Nanotechnology cross the north-south axis, accommodated by the learning center's arcades. The play of the arcades by the nanotechnology building opposite is incorporated, functioning as a transition zone and continuing inside the building via the vertical motion of the atrium. Urban spaces below and beside the arcades, especially in the southern part, become future neighborhood-like settings for student life.

The learning center is set out like a neighborhood, but the 1st building section already defines it as an independent urbanistic solution. Like the 1st building section, the other two sections also open up toward the campus at locations that are important in terms of urban planning.

Vermögen und Bau, Amt Karlsruhe

Period of time 
2011 – 2013

Werner Huthmacher