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New leisure and shopping center Westside, Berne

The project is based on an architectural competition which the Berlin architect Daniel Libeskind won in the year 2000. Westside Leisure and Shopping Center is a 21st century location. It fuses leisure, entertainment, restaurants and shopping into a synthetic experience for people with a broad spectrum of interests. 

In Berne’s “Westside” a vision has been realized which redefines puplic life. A new meeting place for people unlike anything yet seen in Europe. The heart of this innovative building, by architect Daniel Libeskind, is the light flooded mall. This central space, with its great variety of scales, perspectives and atmospheres, provides unprecedented flexibility for the future needs of the entire complex. 

“Westside” includes:  
• 55 specialized stores and fashion shops  
• 10 restaurants  
• Multiplex cinema with 11 screens and 2400 seats  
• Retirement home with 95 apartments and 20 nursing rooms  
• Hotel with 144 rooms and 11 seminar rooms  
• Bernaqua adventure pool & Spa with fitness centre of 10’000 m2 

In “Westside”, which has been realized upon the initiative of the Migros retail concern, people are able to engage in a wide range of pursuits, 365 days a year. This progressive leisure and shopping center is embedded in the Brünnen Development, the most significant large scale architectural project in the west of the city of Berne. This development will create 800 jobs and provide housing for 2600 people. 

“Westside” is actually the largest Minergie building in Switzerland. 

Neue Brünnen AG, Schönbühl
(Genossenschaft Migros Aare)

Period of time
2001 – 2008

General planning 

Daniel Libeskind