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New Mall of Switzerland, shopping and leisure center, Ebikon

The Mall of Switzerland is one of the largest shopping and activity centers in Switzerland. It was built on unused land reserves in Ebikon belonging to the Schindler Group, and gave the diverse agglomeration of the Ron Valley (Rontal) an urban structure that reflects the region’s growth.

The centerpiece of the building complex is the Ebisquare, which can be used to host open-air events. The square is connected to the mall, the leisure center, a hotel and a new apartment complex.

The individual structures each fulfil their own functions and express a different architectural idiom. The façades of the two public buildings – the mall and the leisure center – can be backlit as well as used for media projections. The first-floor areas are glazed and open out onto the square: the use of different materials creates a visual distinction between the first floor and the upper floors, and also establishes an appropriate sense of scale. The leisure center with its cinema complex is a monolithic structure that contrasts with the gentle and flowing façade of the mall.

With a total sales floor area of 46'000 m² for around 160 shops, restaurants and bars, the Mall of Switzerland is the largest shopping experience center in Central Switzerland, and embodies Swiss values, both inside and out.

Halter AG, Zurich

Period of time
2010 – 2017


Adriano Biondo
Oliver Stern