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New Molecular Health Sciences Platform ETH Zurich

The orthogonal volume of the new laboratory building is planned as part of the continuation of the existing development rhythm and completes the ETH Campus to the southeast. In contrast to the predominantly flat topography of the overall campus site, the building line is slightly inclined towards the southeast. This facility favours the use of the maximum permitted building height. 

The building geometry and the expression incorporate the new laboratory building into the existing campus. The linking of the building to the existing pedestrian network and the positioning of the main entrance on the level of the pedestrian bridges integrate the new laboratory building optimally into the existing facilities. 

The design of the building structure is based to a great extent on the existing surrounding buildings. The precise language of form is implemented in contemporary manner. Thus, the new laboratory building will become an integral part of the ETH Campus. The facade indents on the long side of the building volume optimise the penetration of daylight and also articulate the dwelling zones on the laboratory floors and the entrance area of the building. 

Maximum flexibility is guaranteed with regard to the subdivision of laboratories and offices. A central glazed corridor in the laboratory area facilitates communication and allows insight into operations. The layout of the standard floor with emergency exit balconies makes the large indoor glazed areas possible without contravening fire safety requirements. The inner transparency which is thus created, and the shared lounge areas offer the best preconditions for diverse encounters, knowledge exchange and teamwork. The centrally positioned lounge and communication zone is extended by an outdoor terrace. Offices, allocated to the laboratories a short distance away, adjoin this area. 
The project has got the provisional certificate «Minergie-Eco» and will be the first accredited lab building in Switzerland. 

ETH Immobilien, Zurich

Period of time
2006 – 2013

Architecture, general planning

René Dürr