Industry & Trade

New operations center, Rolle

Located in the heights of Rolle, this plot is oriented toward two sides: on one side are the vineyards and on the other is Lake Geneva. The building makes use of this situation and morphologically completes the A-One Business Center's series of five volumes. Its S-shape creates two courtyards, each with a distinct character: on the vineyard side, the reception courtyard establishes a link between the offices and the workshops, while the courtyard on the lake side serves as a depot for the fieldwork and is used by the company vehicles. 

On the one hand, Romande Energie is active in fieldwork, constructing and maintaining infrastructures, and on the other hand it conducts technical investigations. The form and organization of the building reflects this dual program, without sacrificing architectural uniformity in order to do so. The first wing, with three floors, is dedicated to administrative work, the second is for the workshops and the two final wings serve as storage space. All rooms are flooded with daylight which shines through the facade. 

Special attention is paid to the flexibility of the building: the choice of a pillar-and-slab structure for the offices allows office topologies with a high degree of modularity. The shallow depth of the U-shaped halls offers numerous options for spatial combinations and a wide range of possible uses. 

In this project, the concept of sustainable development is demonstrated with the following principles: a harmonious relationship between the building and its immediate surroundings, high workplace quality, compact volumes and high flexibility with regard to usage. The construction adheres to sustainable principles, with the materials and structures chosen on the basis of being easy to maintain and able to withstand intensive usage. The project fulfills strict requirements regarding minimized energy consumption and complies with the Minergie-P standard. 

Romande Energie SA, Morges

Period of time
2008 – 2010

15,0 Mio. CHF

General planning, architecture, realization 

Thomas Jantscher