Life Science

New PCR Filling & Packaging, Molecular Diagnostics and Instrumentation Development, Rotkreuz

As the general contractor, Burckhard+Partner AG designed and erected a multifunctional building. It houses under one roof the production facility for diagnostic materials under clean-room conditions, the research and development of molecular diagnostic test systems in BSL2 and BSL3 biosafety-level laboratories, as well as instruments and software for in-vitro diagnostics. 

Dynamic planning and maximum flexibility 
The Building 6 project was started in mid-2005. Initially it consisted of a two-storey building, the PCR Filling & Packaging Plant, with an option to add another level for the laboratory extension. In the spring of 2006, the decision was made to build four more levels as an unfinished carcass and shell, initially without any specific utilization. In November 2006, just before the shell was completed, work began on the expansion project for these levels, constructing BSL2 laboratories and offices for the R&D department.  

In late 2007, just before the building was completed, the development and instrumentation groups requested additional floor space. Since the original plan had allowed for a horizontal expansion by a structure of similar size, it was possible to design and construct what was labeled Project Building 7. In 2009, with nearly all departments in full operation, the design and construction of a BSL3 biosafety-level laboratory concluded the overall project. 

The key aspect in the internal layout of the two building components consisted, on the one hand, in the detailed requirements of the planned clean-room process areas on the ground floor and the second floor and, on the other hand, in the need to ensure a flexible floor plan for the laboratory extension on the added upper levels. The challenge was to allow for a wide range of possible expansion options. 

Corporate identity 
Decisive factors driving the architectural character of the building design consisted of both the tradition of a functionally efficient industrial structure and an expression of classic modernity. The latter is an architectural reflection of the Roche company’s corporate identity. With its clean lines, generously dimensioned windows and light-filled staircases, the new structure is in step with this architectural culture. 

Roche Diagnostics AG, Rotkreuz

Period of time
2005 – 2009

100,0 Mio. CHF

Architecture, general planning

Thomas Jantscher