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New pharmaceutical production building WST-222, Stein

On its site in Stein, Novartis Pharma AG is constructing a new pharmaceutical production and packaging facility for solid dosage forms with highly active substances. The Stein plant will thus become a technological competence center for sterile and solid dosage forms in this company's worldwide production network. 

At first, several versions of the factory were assessed in a feasibility study. This involved multiple steps, in which the functions galenic formulation, packaging and support were balanced out with regard to the planning of the factory and merged, so as to plan a compact structure with short routes.

The key design specification is the MatrixPlant principle from Koppenhöfer + Partner. Thus, the advantages of defined 3D matrix attributes, such as flexibility, changeability, adaptability, system compatibility and retrofitability, as well as standardization, system structures, high quantities of identical components, a reduced number of interfaces, short manufacturing times for recurring units etc., and a reduction of complexity, are achieved and implemented by means of generally applicable "game rules".

The building is designed for 350 staff members, working in 3 shifts. With a volume of around 325,400 m³ and a gross floor area of 62,300 m², the building's dimensions are rather impressive.

Novartis Pharma AG, Basel

Period of time
2011 – 2017

500,0 Mio. CHF

Architecture, general planning, execution

Koppenhöfer + Partner GmbH

Mark Niedermann