New police station, Luckenwalde

Together with a former villa that originally belonged to a factory owner, this new building for the Teltow-Fläming precinct forms an ensemble that marks the entrance to Luckenwalde's historical town center.

Between the U-shaped new building and the heritage-protected villa, an urbanistic space emerges, which takes visitors in and guides them to the entrance of the new building that houses the citizen-friendly police station.

The painstakingly renovated, heritage-protected old building, which accommodates the police's executive offices, is not accessible to visitors.

The new building's facade comprises vertical window strips and plastered masonry sections with varying widths. The window strips incorporate all of the building's openings and can be converted into closed elements by means of shutters, so despite extremely diverse spatial requirements inside, a uniform effect is achieved on the exterior. The rhythmic sequence of these two calm vertical elements produces a homogenous overall appearance for the new building, which, despite its much larger volume, forms an appropriate backdrop for the factory owner's affectionately decorated villa.

Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für
Liegenschaften und Bauen Niederlassung Cottbus

Period of time
2008 – 2011

Christian Gahl, Berlin