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New production unit Nespresso, Orbe

Industrial and architectural harmonization Nestlé is planning to develop a “global centre of excellence for coffee” in Orbe. The current implementation is the first phase in this project. The building program comprises four main sectors:

  • Raw material storage
  • Roasting lines and storage silos
  • Packaging hall with shipping stations
  • Laboratories, administration rooms for production and conference rooms

Apart from simple functional requirements, the program also includes essential qualitative requirements. It involves not only criteria for the building concept, but also includes a large part of the architectural concept. This goal demonstrates the clear interest of Nespresso to harmonize these high-quality products with the appearance of the buildings, which reflects high qualitative and innovative technical capabilities. This building with a volume of 125,000 cubic meters focuses on transparency and expression of the building envelope, comfort for users and industrial functionality.

The visual appearance of the building complex is especially enhanced by the production structure. A projecting roof is the dominant architectural element, reminiscent of the packaging of ten Nespresso capsules. It suggests a powerful connection between the building and the product. This effect is further strengthened by the stylized double N on the outside walls, the familiar monogram as a brand symbol. The transparency of the building creates a dialogue with the town of Orbe in the background. It allows the town to take part in the factory’s production activities when lit in the night-time.

For the planners, building construction was characterized by the very high degree of necessary adaptability. As technologies and requirements change constantly, the main necessity was to ensure continuous flexibility in thinking and especially in the development of the construction site. Everything can be modulated, and the interior combines top architectural lighting quality with outstanding acoustics. Inside the production building, the selected colors that were specified for the equipment suppliers creates a harmony often lacking in industrial buildings. In the sectors which may be extended at a later date, the walls are of a “hanging” design, allowing future removal and reinstallation. 

Nestlé SA, Vevey

Period of time 
2001 – 2003

General planning, architecture, realization

Concept Consult Sàrl

Pierre Boss