New residential development Elco Park, Allschwil

Following discontinuation of activities by ELCO AG (today Seetal ELCO AG) at the site in Allschwil/BL, Burckhardt+Partner planned a development project involving a change in use of the site. Thanks to a quarter plan, it was then possible to convert the former commercial site definitively into a residential zone in mid 2006. 94 residential units have been built, divided into three different building types. 

Long building  
The building is situated on a busy road and serves as backbone and noise barrier for the entire developed area with 30 apartments over five storys. The various large apartments are based on the same ground plan principle with living space over the entire depth of the building, generous balcony/room level to the garden and a core zone with wet rooms and kitchen. 

Point building  
Seven point buildings, four and five story, are arranged precisely on the inner part of the site. The differing alignment of the buildings creates exciting outer areas, views and open spaces. Two apartments are on each floor thus enabling opening out on three sides. 

Terraced houses  
Seven terraced houses complete the urban development pattern on Merkurstrasse, a side street. The houses stretch over three storys with two balconies on the set-back attic and have an own garden. 
The developed area is surrounded by a naturally designed garden. 

AG für Planung und Überbauung, Basel 
EBM Genossenschaft Elektra Birseck, Münchenstein

Period of time
2006  –  2012

Project development, architecture,
realization, sales 

Thomas Jantscher