New residential development Spitzenrain, Aesch

This residential development is situated in Aesch, in the transition zone between solitary buildings in the outskirts and denser structures in the village center. In terms of town planning, the design is a unifying response to the heterogeneous construction in the area. By means of a tailored residential estate component, the quality of life in this locality is increased and an architectural contribution to the municipality's appearance is made, with high aspirations regarding design. The volumetric composition respectfully addresses the evolved parcel structure while its heights and building alignments react in a sophisticated manner to the site's edges and the neighboring buildings.

The residential estate offers outdoor areas with different layouts, which specifically respond to the buildings' situations and uses. There is a balanced interplay between protected private areas, and neighborly openness and communication.

The development presents itself in a uniform language of materials, implemented as solid constructions. This harmonious language of materials comprising plaster, extensive room-high glazing, exposed concrete elements and textile balcony shades conveys timelessness and value. With the wide-ranging mixture of apartments and the terraced single-family houses, the development appeals to highly diverse groups of residents. The apartments can be utilized flexibly and their structures adapted individually. For instance, it is possible to vary the living and dining room, and to transform spacious 4.5-room apartments into compact 5.5-room apartments.

The terraced houses have three residential floors, brightly interconnected by a cascading staircase. The open-plan living and dining is situated on the first floor, while the bedrooms are on the upper and top floors. Three outdoor spaces with different atmospheres can be used: the lively area facing the multifunctional center of the estate, the private outdoor seating area facing Spitzenrainweg, and the very intimate patio on the top floor.

AG für Planung und Überbauung, Basel

Period of time
2017 – 2020 


Burckhardt+Partner AG
Raumgleiter AG