New Schindler campus Ebikon

Schindler is a global manufacturer of lifts and escalators whose head office is in Ebikon, near Lucerne. The company premises are dominated by the production hall that was built in 1957 with the office building in front.

Burckhardt+Partner have developed the historic site into a modern campus and representative head office for the Schindler Group. The heart of the campus is the new Schindler City Center, where customers and guests are welcomed and can experience the Schindler brand. The City Center is linked to the renovated management building via a base building that houses the auditorium, staff restaurant and reception area.

The various uses of the overall structure are clearly separated into volumetric units: the City Centre as a cantilevered cube, the restaurant and reception area as a connecting base, the auditorium as a volume embedded in the terrain, and the management building as the concluding element of the campus. The buildings are visually linked through the consistent use of the façade design with its prominent white strips. The strip façade is a recurring element that was already present in the existing campus buildings, and establishes a visual connection between the City Center and the newly renovated management building.

The architecture of the Schindler City Center is designed to provide the perfect showcase for the Schindler brand and its products. Extensively perforated ceiling slabs, offset against each other, create a cohesive space extending up to three storeys high with a correspondingly generous sense of space.


Schindler Aufzüge AG, Ebikon

Period of time
2017 – 2020


Pius Amrein
Adriano Biondo
Beat Brechbühl