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New teaching and learning center at "Hochschule RheinMain", Wiesbaden, Germany

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany's major growing universities. In order to accommodate rising student numbers and to improve study conditions, the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus in Wiesbaden is being expanded. The four-story teaching and learning center planned for this purpose is a building with a workshop-like nature and emerged from an EU-wide competition as the winning project. With its simple and clear cubature, its volume, and its positioning at the south entrance, it provides a new urbanistic stimulus on the campus boulevard.

In this elongated new building, vertical load-bearing elements have been eliminated to the greatest possible extent, so the layouts can be utilized freely. Maximum flexibility and multifunctionality is thus achieved on 4000 m² of usable floor space, giving rise to a lecture hall, seminar rooms, a library, student workrooms and a café. Three self-contained and separable areas subdivide the building: The main entrance area and café are in the west section on the first floor. The working and learning area extends across the first floor and basement in the east section, with access to the study courtyard. The learning center on the second and third floors is the heart of the building. In the multistory central core, there are large open areas for access and communication. A flight of study steps with seating beneath a leafy canopy also complements the study area outside.

The concrete facade emphasizes the robust nature of the teaching and learning center as a building to work in. The interior design, with natural materials, is warm, bright and friendly. The café, with its terrace, is an ideal meeting point for students. In the planned new building, students from various disciplines will find excellent conditions for learning.

More information on the expansion of the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus (in German).

Hochschule RheinMain

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Period of time
2019 - 2023

Architecture, General Planning